Freedom of Press

By: Ashley, Amanda, Gabe, and Jason

What is Freedom of Press?

Freedom of Press is a right made so that people are allowed to write their thoughts and opinions on paper (Newspaper, magazine, etc) and they don't have to worry about the governments restraint. With the freedom of press the publishers don't have to worry about anyone's opinion but theirs.

How does Freedom of Press change Society?

The Freedom of Press changes society, with this right people can write whatever they feel, with it being legal. The government would typically without this right put the writers in jail but with it they cant. This right gives everyone freedom of writing whatever they feel and just allow them to speak there mind through the art of writing.

Using Freedom of Press you can write your mind on anything of the following:

Thanks to Freedom of Press it's all Permitted!

Why is Freedom of Press so important?

Freedom of press is important because it allows people to speak their mind through the art of writing without being critically judged by the government or anyone in general.

Now go get writing!