Fruit Juicing Recipes and Smoothies

Let’s start with differentiating between a smoothie and juice. Juice is what you obtain when you squeeze the liquids out of a fruit or a vegetable by using special mechanical or electrical/electronic devices. It is a translucent liquid with some color, which may or may not contain froth. A smoothie is what you obtain when you put whole fruits or vegetables in a blender, and blitz them to desired consistency. This is a medium-flowy-to-thick liquid which appears colored and cloudy, and may or may not contain seeds and/or peels. Health benefit is almost equal in both, with the only possible difference arising in fibre content. There are innumerable recipes for fruit smoothies and juices, some of which we will read in this article.

One of the most popular fruits to be “smoothied” is the kiwifruit. Known for its high content of vitamin C, this fruit is considered one of the healthies fruits out there, available all year round. This fruit also contains antioxidants and high fibre content. A kiwi fruit smoothie is high in nutrition value because of the lip-smacking combinations one can make using this fruit and some others. One such delicious combination is obtained using kiwifruits and grapes. Grapes are well-known for their antioxidant and polyphenol content. They have no fat, no cholesterol and contain minimal traces of sodium. Also, they are a rich source of vitamin K and potassium. Combining both these fruits into a smoothie boost the health value of the drink, and is an excellent choice to give to children in their growth years. Kiwifruit helps prevent respiratory disorders in children, which makes them stronger as they are growing. This recipe for fruit smoothie is definitely the best choice to enjoy during summertime.

The next most popular fruit for smoothies is pomegranate. Known for its color and tangy flavour, this juice from this fruit looks just like blood. This fruit is known for its usage in weight loss programmes and cholesterol reduction. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium and copper. One of the most popular recipes of pomegranate smoothies include its blend with oranges. A combination of these two fruits with cold elements like crushed ice and mint leaves makes this smoothie the perfect companion for a beach trip.

Smoothies are not the only way to consume the goodness of fruits for a healthy living. For those that don’t enjoy smoothies, fruits can be juiced too. Juices are a bit easier than smoothies to consume, primarily because they are almost all water. You can just gulp it down in one go when you are a busy-bee on the fly. While smoothies can be prepared by stuffing everything in your blender and blitzing it, juices may require a little more effort to extract. Especially with fruits that have high seed and peel content, preparing the pulp for juicing may get time consuming. Even so, consuming fresh fruit juices and smoothies is always the healthier option as compared to consuming packed or preserved versions.

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