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November 30-December 13

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From Dr. Julie Powell, Assistant Superintendent:

Please consider this a personal invitation to attend an upcoming film documentary viewing of Angst a week from today on Tuesday, December 4 from 6:30-8pm at Lakeshore High School Auditorium. This free film offers an important look into anxiety and the impact it has on teens and families and is open to anyone ages 10+. According to recent national studies, 80% of people believe anxiety is on the rise. We think watching Angst together and listening to our special guests after the film will be helpful to everyone who attends. To see a preview, Watch the Angst Trailer.

This evening is part of the district’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives initiative, funded through the generosity of the Lakeshore Excellence Foundation (LEF). As part of this initiative, we are working to bring important mental health issues to the forefront of our schools to support wellness for all.

Upcoming Dates and Events


  • 1st hour 8th grade PE Swimming
  • Angst documentary, community event, 6:30pm-8:00pm, HS auditorium

12/6, 11, 13

  • 2nd hour 8th grade PE Swimming


  • Board Meeting, 5:30pm, MS media center


  • PTO Open Meeting, 2:50pm, room 314
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The Positivity Project

The week of December 3-7, students and staff will be engaging in dialogue and activities around kindness.You can access the character card for kindness here. A true test of one's character is how we treat unkind people. One popular qoute or phrase is "be kind to unkind people, because they need it the most."

The week of December 10-14, students and staff will be engaging in dialogue and activities around humility. You can access the character card for humility here. Author C.S. Lewis reminds us that "humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less." Sounds like C.S. had the #otherpeoplematter mindset.

Check out the Positivity Project's website for more information.

Lakeshore Middle School Behavior Matrix

Below is our Lakeshore Middle School behavior matrix that we have provided for our students and staff to have a common language around expected behaviors. I encourage you to have conversations with your students regarding these expectations. This week during our Positivity Project time, we discussed how our words and actions affect those around us so this would be a perfect opportunity to have a conversation.
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