Survivor On the titanic!

By Jesse Leos

Personal Information

Miss Elsie Doling born on October 30, 1893. She was 18 when she was on the titanic.

The Ship

The ship was built to float as long as only the first 4 compartments were filled.

Her total height, measured from the base of the keel to the top of the bridge, was 104 feet (32m).

Elise was Second class and her Ticket No. was 231919 and it costed £23 .

Disaster and Rescue.

Monday, April 15th 1912 at 12:45pm

North Atlantic Ocean

The first lifeboat was lowered. It could carry sixty-five people, but left with only twenty-eight on board. Fortunately Elsie was on a lifeboat, but they never knew the number of it.
ada and elsie

Life after the Titanic

After their rescue by the Carpathia, Miss Doling and her relative returned to England on board the Philadelphia on May, 11 1912.

On 6 November 1920 she married an Indian Doctor William St. Alban Hendricks (1877-1966) in Bombay, India.

They would have four children: John, Gerald, Clara, and Elizabeth.