Science-Important Quick Bites

Benchmarks, Hon Doc Update, Schoolnet Resources, 2 Min Surv


Benchmarks for traditional schools will run from Monday, 3/16 to Friday, 3/27.

7am-5pm Monday-Friday only.

Here are the test codes for your convenience:

Sample 3 Question Test (Categorized as English/Language Arts): LU4TY3WY4

Biology Benchmark 1A: CU4ME6SU

Biology Benchmark 1B: FE8KA3KY

Please test online as opposed to hard-copies whenever possible.

Thanks for all you do!

Honors Document Update

I apologize but it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me--I'm sure you can all relate. Therefore, I am behind schedule on my feedback & will need more time.

I have completed reviewing for the following schools: FHHS, MRHS, CATA (haven't delivered all) & Monroe (haven't delivered yet).

I will be at Piedmont on Tuesday of next week, Porter Ridge on Thursday and Parkwood on Friday. I will be attending a conference at UNCC on Wednesday. Please know I'm doing my best to cover feedback for everyone.

Thanks for your patience & understanding!

Schoolnet Resources

Have been updated, vetted & expanded since August. Please check out what's there. Some resources are very helpful & eventually this can be a one-stop shop for obtaining content.

Steps to access resources:

1) Login to Powerschool

2) On the left hand side, scroll down and click on Schoolnet under the "Applications" heading.

3) At the top of the screen hover over "Classrooms".

4) Click on "Instructional Materials" and then you can select your subject, grade levels, and the specific content you're looking for. Very helpful--please give it a try & spread the word.

2 Min Survey

I am impressed by the 48 respondents' willingness and enthusiasm in collaborating. Thanks for taking the time as well as being so dedicated to your craft.

For those that haven't yet done the survey (42 people), I would greatly appreciate your participation:

Thanks & hang in there--spring break is rapidly approaching!

See you soon,