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January 2015

9th Annual Avon vs. Plainfield Reading Challenge

The Ninth Annual Avon vs. Plainfield High School Reading Challenge will run from February 9th through February 27th, 2015. The contest between Plainfield High School and Avon High School encourages students to read books, magazines or newspapers – as long as it is not for a class assignment.

When students complete a reading of their choice, they contact a staff member to discuss what they have read and answer a few questions. In addition to fiction works, non-fiction reading material is also acceptable – and will count as double the pages for the school’s total.

Students and teachers who reach the 500+ pages mark will be recognized with a locker sign and his/her name posted on the Wall of Fame by the Library.

This year there will be a Reading Challenge Champions trophy that will be awarded to the winning school for the most pages read. The teacher of the winning Top Class of Readers will be given a traveling Top Class of Readers trophy to display in his or her room until the next reading challenge.

The Reading Challenge is sponsored by both libraries in an effort to improve reading skills, read for pleasure, be a part of a team, have more meaningful conversations with students and incorporate school spirit. The Reading Challenge is a contest that everyone in the school – even the staff – can participate in. This contest allows all students to feel as though they are part of a team and encourages reading for pleasure. The goals are for students and staff to be able to enjoy reading for fun and beat the opposing school.

Previous Winners of the Reading Challenge

Pie Throwing 2014
Avon High School Pie Throwing 2012.mpg

Twitter Chats

Have you tried a Twitter Chat yet? A Twitter Chat is when a group of people tweet about the same topic and use the same hashtag to allow others to follow the stream of the conversation. In educational circles, there are twitter chats that occur at the same time every week (usually in the evening), making it easy for you to know when to join the conversation.

CybraryMan has a great list of times that different educational chats occur, along with a list of educational hashtags that are often used.

There are also sites that can help you follow the conversation more easily:

#INeLearn is a great hashtag to look for (you can also just search for it on Twitter); it is run by the Indiana DOE.

The Indiana DOE also has a list of different groups of teachers that you can follow. It's a good thing to look at when you are looking for new people to follow in a certain content area.

If you have no idea what has been discussed here, but would like to learn, please contact Robyn Young!

Lab Space at a Premium

Please be aware that we are entering testing season. Because of this, the computer labs and library computers will be used extensively during this time. Please check the library schedule in Outlook and plan as much in advance as you can. All of the computers in both libraries will be used after spring break through the end of the year, but we can always figure something out with books or print outs from our databases that can be brought to your room.

Rosie Pizza Party

The Eliot Rosewater Books (the Rosies) are those chosen by students and librarians in the state of Indiana as the best published books. Each semester, the AHS library holds a Rosie pizza party for those students and teachers who have read the Rosie books. For the first semester, students only have to read one book, put their name on the chart in the library, and fill out a ballot to explain what he thought about the book that was read. To attend the party during the 2nd semester, students read a minimum of 3 of the Rosie books. This Friday, 35 students will attend the Rosie Party in the library.

You and your students can start reading these great YA books any time. Then join us for the party for 2nd semester!

20 Useful Ways to Use Today's Meet

Today's Meet is a backchannel - a place where conversation behind a conversation can occur. Check out this list of 20 useful ways to use Today's Meet in the classroom.

e-reading at AHS

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What is being checked out in the library?

Top 4 checkout images were created in Canva - it's a great site to show your students to use when they are making projects.
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Library Stats for the month of December

  • 93 classes attended out of 71 class periods = 131% scheduled (multiple classes per period)
  • 187 students supervised in senior study hall each day
  • 2,853 students from study hall or sent from classes or lunch
  • 2,790 students in scheduled classes
  • Number of students coming to the library each day: 376 students on average (not including study hall students)
  • 1,385 books circulated in December
If you've read this far, you deserve a reward! Email Robyn Young and put in the subject line "Avon vs. Plainfield Reading Challenge" and you will receive a small token of my appreciation in your mailbox.

AHS Library on Social Media

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Goal for the 2014-2015 School Year

The goal of the library program for the 2014-2015 school year is to support differentiation that will best meet student needs. This will be done by:

  • co-teaching with teachers to help provide the best learning experience for each individual student
  • working with students one-on-one as needed (searching for books, helping with individual research, providing individual learning stations)

Mission of the Avon High School Libraries

The mission of the Avon High School Library program is to encourage the quest for knowledge and promote the joy of reading by providing free access to a variety of materials that meet both the educational curriculum and recreational reading needs of Avon High School students.

Robyn Young

Robyn Young is a certified School Librarian (grades K-12) who is in her 14th year of being the librarian at Avon High School. Prior to that, she taught Social Studies and English for 10 years.

She is the Vice-President for the Indiana Library Federation, National Honor Society co-sponsor, a Newspapers in Education Board Member for the state of Indiana, and a member of the ABC-Clio Social Studies Advisory Board.

This is the periodic newsletter of the Avon High School and Avon Advanced Learning Center Libraries. It contains information that teachers may find helpful and is the primary means of communication about what is happening in the library.