The War is Everywhere

As this brutal war rages on, many nations across the globe that aren't even involved are getting impacted. Economies are dropping, and significant amounts of fear were being recorded all around the world with the growing threat of nuclear warfare breaking out. Nations like France were waging wars to reclaim land, Berlins became unsure about what government they wanted to support, and this created so much controversy that the Berlin Wall was built to separate democracy from communism, and Fidel Castro succeeded in overthrowing the dictator of Cuba, only to install a communist government. Then, the Cuban Missile Crisis had every country on the edge of their seats as nuclear war was threatened. To top it all off, The Western Nations decided to fight back against Egypt to reclaim the Suez Canal, but USA Government officials pleaded their allies to stop in fear of a bigger war, causing Angola to try and fight for their own independence, which lead to civil war that ended 16 years later.

Before It All Started

Everyone thinks its hard to imagine what life would be like if the war had not started, but others cant even imagine a world at all. Its hard to remember what life was like before the war. Some aspects of life stayed the same, like how many children you had, or how old you were, but other things became drastically different. The quality of life, mentally and physically, was drastically different. People laughed, and celebrated. They enjoyed life, and even created memorials for past wars. They had clean and rich souls that let them enjoy life around them. Money was not hard to come by, it was given in correct amounts and at correct times. Jobs existed and salaries were dependable. France controlled the government of Vietnam, while the USA had just elected Kennedy as their new president. Everything in the world was running like clock work.

During the War

Life during the war are challenging, but not impossible. People often struggled with food and water, and making enough money to support themselves and/or their families. Most men were deployed into the military to help fight. This war was also the most mentally damaging war in history, with vast amounts of depression, suicides, and self-harm because of the massive amount of deaths that haunted the soldiers daily. Soldiers often developed PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) that plagued their lives far beyond the war.