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The Real Price of FOOD

Have you ever wondered where food comes from? This article will tell you where. When deciding what to eat really think about thee process. What process, you're wondering. The process that makes food edible. That process consists of killing the animal or picking the crop, processing the food after it is killed or picked, and the transportation that the company uses.

You see, the process is actually very long because the workers go through a very long workday. They have to kill the animal or pick the crops. Then they have to process the animal or crops. Next they have to package the foods. Lastly, they have to transport the food all over the city or country.

Next time you want to eat, consider all the work that goes into it. Unfortunately, we don't have any food for you and the struggle for the workforce still continues today. The food we desire is really a lot of work for foreign workers working in this country. If you have ever heard of Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle", you would know about the work conditions in the meat packing industry. The conditions are terrifying. The workers use chemicals that eat away at the skin. They do back breaking work. If they are sick, they don't get to take the day off. The employers don't treat the workers fairly. If you're saying what does this have to do with me, you should be worrying because you could be the next victim of this hateful crime.

Dear Future Americans...

January 9, 1977

Dear future citizens of america,

When I was young, I thought the world would give me everything. That was obviously not true because women of my time were not able to vote, but men were. Us women thought that was not fair, so we decided to follow in Susan B. Anthony's foot steps. Susan B. Anthony just happens to be my hero because she wanted to get women the right to vote. Another reason she is my hero is because I became an independent woman like she was. Like she said " Failure is impossible." I believed that was true.

The suffragists who followed me were very important to me. Whenever I think about them I think that we're all in a better place. The world is a frightening place to live, for women especially. When you are voting, remember that you are very lucky to not have had to do a lot of work. I hope that when you or your daughter are voting, that you will remember all the work that went into it. Before I go I want to say that "There will never be a new world order unless women are a part of it." It's true because women are denied the right to vote.

What I did for any young woman, who one day hopes to vote for politics, was very important for the women of this country. I hope that one day when all the young women in the country realize that they didn't just get the right to vote right away. This work is a lot to handle when you are as young as I was at the start. Just as I said before, as I go about my life,"There will never be a new world order unless women are in it.

Sincerely Yours,

Alice Paul


The Tameny Tiger shows the real problems during the progressive era. That being the progressive era's problem of the oil industry trying to control the money of the country. The oil industry being Rockefeller. Rockefeller controls almost all of the oil industry's money. If you look in the back Rockefeller is there. This shows the statue of liberty getting "eaten" by the tiger. It shows this because the oil industry is trying to take over the freedoms of american citizens. They're trying to prevent them from forming monopolies within the oil industry.


In the early hours before the sun rose, four humongous ships full of United States Marines arrived off the coast of Hawaiian Island. The Marines surrounded the Evil Queens palace. The rebels wanted the Hawaiian Islands to be a territory of the United States. Finally, in the early hours the evil queen surrenders. Hawaii is rid of her and the monarchy forever. Hawaii became under the protection of the United States. As the celebration went on, the president of Hawaii, Sanford B. Dole, had a chance to speak with our reporter that was on the scene, "I knew she had no chance if she wouldn't have surrendered to the marines. We're finally free of the monarchy."
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Take up the sword of JUSTICE

This propaganda poster is from world war 1. It means that the army wants more soldiers for the war effort. Also, it means that you should defend your country.

1980s-1920s CLASSIFIEDS

The Lingering effects of WWI

The war has been over for years but the effects are still being felt around the world. Europeans are feeling the effects of war debts, the reparations they have to pay, the arms race between Great Britain and Japan, and the competition between countries in Europe and Eastern Asia, because the war was fought on their land. Americans are feeling the effects because the Europeans owe war debts to the Americans for all the things that built in America but used in Europe. Germany owes the Americans war debts and reparations because they "started" the war. Some of the effects were felt immediately after 1919 and some were felt after a few years or so.

Zora Neale Hurston and the roles of women.

Zora Neale Hurston changed the lives of many women. If she seems like she's not important, she really is because she showed the world that African american women are really talented.

She grew up in Florida, in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Zora was an African american woman who showed the world that women are not just made to clean and take care of children. She showed that women are much more powerful than most men think.

Zora started out unfortunate but she changed the way she thought. She started out writing short stories and plays, then she moved on to studying anthropology at Bernard College in New York City. With this new knowledge she started learning about African American folklore. After that she started writing nonfiction including novels and essays about politics.

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In 1932, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. She did it because she wanted t turn her hobby into a career and because she loved flying. How she did it was she flew by herself and was inspired and managed by her husband George P. Putnam.