PD News Update

A New Year and New Professional Development Offerings

THe NEW PD Winter Spring Guide has been mailed and is now available.

Start the New Year learning, click HERE to see the new Winter Spring PD Guide.
This News Update is featuring the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards in ELA and Mathematics. We have many opportunities to learn more about the NexGen Learning Standards. This week's update will focus on the PDs being offered in early January.

The Power of Prioritizing ELA Standards - WHY & HOW we Prioritize

Session 1 training is 3 hour morning event, on Friday, January 17, 2020. How do we ensure that our curriculum and instruction emphasize the standards most likely to result in powerful student achievement? Using a structured protocol, participants will work in grade-level bands to prioritize grade-level standards. Participants will then discuss vertical alignment, reflect on implications and revise as needed based on insights and reflection. Using the prioritized standards, districts will be ready to develop new, or revise existing curriculum, aligned to the NGLS for ELA. Click HERE to register for this 3 hour morning session.

Click HERE to register for the afternoon offering (Session 2) for those who wish to stay and work on curriculum mapping and unit planning. Session 2 is not required

Quality Kindergarten Environments and Instruction

This event is also scheduled for Friday, January 17, 2020, for 3 hours in the afternoon. During this session participants will be provided with video examples of purposefully-planned, high-quality kindergarten learning environments. Discussions and examples will include how to use play as an instructional strategy. Opportunities for self-reflection, planning, and discussion of how to incorporate opportunities for play in the daily schedule will be provided. Click HERE to register for this learning event, which is FREE to our component districts.