The Limited

Menka Mitrevska

From Sole Proprietorship to Public Corporation

Leslie H. Wexner founded L.Brands. In !969 The Limited had it's first stock offering. The Limited also owns Victoria’s Secret , Bath and Body Works, Pink,and La Senza. The benefits of being a public corporation is the life of the company goes on. It's very easy to raise capital and its easy to expand and grow.

  • L Brands' world headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio
  • Victoria’s Secret sells to customers in approximately 80 countries.
  • In 2014, L Brands, Inc. and L Brands Foundation contributed more than $17 million to nonprofits in our home office communities
  • The company operates nearly 3,000 specialty stores in the United States.


i would love to invest in The Limited. It's a great company and it does a lot for our community.