Genetic Engineering

The change of genetic structure of cells

What is Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a set of technologies used to change the genetic structure of cells and move genes across species limits to produce new organisms.


Waste Disposal and Industry: used within the management of industrial wastes. They use genetically alter bacteria to decompose many forms of garbage.

Disease and Medicine: Genetic engineering is also used in medicine for many purposes involving the improvement of health.

Food Production and Agriculture: improve quality for the market or improve growing characteristics. Through genetic engineering they have been able to fight many problems caused by viruses and weather.

Genetic engineering today

Genetic engineering has produced a variety of drugs and hormones for medical use which is extremely beneficial.

Somatic cell genetic engineering: aims to give people missing particular genes.

Germ-line genetic engineering: is when an early embryo prone to a particular disease undergoes genetic engineering to immune to the disease.

Enhancement genetic engineering: aims to increase a person’s intelligence or physical proportions in order increase ability.

Genetic engineering: The world's greatest scam?
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