Game of Life

Shelby Irons

Part 1/2

This is my "Game of Life" Project. At age 25 I hope to accomplish moving to Los Angeles, California and buying an apartment with Mady. I an very interested the career of Professional Singing because it is something I have always wanted to do. And I anticipate to make about $55,000 per year with that choice. In order to get to that career I must find a record label that will be willing to pick me up as an artist or sign up for a singing/talent competition show like The X Factor or The Voice.

Part 3

The most surprising thing I found about my monthly bills is the amount of money I was spending on insurance. I ended up spending $3,438.27 on bills(Some of the bills were split because Mady and I share an apartment) and subtracted from my monthly income of $4,583.33, I can put $1,145.06 away in savings.

Part 4

I chose to present my work as a Smore because the layouts are easy to use

Part 5

The best part of this project was finding out how much money I was making per year. The most challenging part of this project was finding an apartment that met Mady and I's specifics. With the comparison, I found out that I was getting paid the same amount as Mady per month.