FBD Audio Works

Mason Farr, Corbin Buckley, Nick DiPalmo

What is FBD Audio Works?!?

  • Business Description- FBD Audio Works is a business in Avon, Indiana that prides itself in giving musicians a place to practice and buy parts and accessories for their instruments.

  • Overview- FBD Audio Works is the only practice studio in the Hendricks County area, and we offer our many practice rooms to any skill level of musicians.

  • Mission Statement- The Employees at FBD Audio Works strive to enable musicians of all levels to practice, learn, and keep their instruments in top condition.

What FBD Audio Works Provides

Our Hours and Location

10am- 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

12pm to 8pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

We are located on Rockville Road in Scenic Avon, Indiana

Owners and Management

The owners of FBD Audio Works are partners, Mason Farr (Store Management), Corbin Buckley (Product restock), and Nick DiPalmo (Advertisement).