Pearl S. Buck Elementary

March 3, 2017

Important Dates

March 8th - Operation Helping Hand food drive collection. Click here for more information

March 9th - PTO meeting @ 9:45 AM.

March 10th - Pearl Buck's Got Talent! 7-9 PM at Maple Point Middle School. Due to seating capacity, tickets will be limited to the immediate family of each participant.

PSSA Testing Dates for 3rd and 4th Grades:

  • Monday, April 3rd, through Thursday, April 6th (ELA)
  • Monday, April 24th, through Wednesday, April 26th (Math)
  • Tuesday/Wednesday, May 2nd & 3rd (Science - 4th grade only)

Testing will occur throughout the morning of each testing date. Please do not schedule appointments or vacations for your child on testing dates.

April 20th - STEAM Expo at Neshaminy High School. Click here for more information about the STEAM Expo.

Reading Specialists Recognized!

We'd like to congratulate our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Buttari, as well as her Reading Specialist colleagues in each of our elementary schools, on receiving the Lockhart Award for Excellence in Literacy Education. During Tuesday's School Board meeting, the team of Reading Specialists was recognized for their outstanding work with the Reading Horizon's program. Part of the recognition included a visit by the CEO of Reading Horizons, Mr. Tyson Smith, as well as a video production team. Below, you can see Mrs. Buttari preparing for her video interview. Congratulations to Mrs. Buttari and her colleagues!
Big image

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers for our community outreach program. We are only asking for an hour of your time on Saturday, March 18th at Raymour and Flanigan. If you have an hour to spare on that Saturday, please go to the Sign Up Gensius. Thank you

Students are climbing the walls!

Our Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Wright, has her students involved in challenge courses. Pictured below, students are using our climbing wall. In order to successfully cross the rocks, they must avoid the 'mines' - indicated by the hula-hoops.
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Our 1st grade students presented animal projects to parents and special guests today. After researching a wild animal, each student created a book and a diorama based upon the animal. Our 1st grade team skillfully decorated the A-wing alcove to look like a jungle-themed zoo. After receiving an entrance stamp, zoo visitors enjoyed each child's presentation, including information about each animal's habitat, food source, and other interesting facts. Mr. Stanley, NSD's own Public Relations Coordinator, stopped by to interview some of our students. "Great job" to our first-grade zookeepers and a huge "Thank you" to our teachers for a tremendous presentation!

Science Fair Pictures!

As promised, some long awaited photos from last week's Science Fair!

Dear HAL....

Lately, Mrs. Sulon has been trying something fun in her class. Using the 'voice to text' feature on our Chromebooks, Mrs. Sulon thinks the feature will be a great tool for reinforcing the editing of punctuation as well as looking at sentence structure. The students practiced reading their stories into the computer instead of typing the text (which makes it easier for everyone to read). It is a great way to reinforce mechanics as each child has to verbally command all punctuation!


Office Reminders

Please remember to bring I.D. with you when picking up your child. If someone else routinely picks-up your child, please make sure to list them as an emergency contact AND remind them to have proper I.D. when they arrive.

Please be sure to write your child's teacher a note regarding ANY changes to your child's afternoon routines. For last-minute changes, please call the school office at 215-809-6300 and speak with one of our secretaries.

Our lost and found is growing. It is full of coats, fleece jackets, hats, scarves, etc. Please have your child check for lost personal items. Parents may also visit the lost and found. Please check-in at the office first.

Be Food-Allergy Aware!

Due to varied allergy and dietary needs, please contact your child's teacher before sending in food for students other than your child (e.g. for birthday celebrations, class parties). Do not send in any items until the teacher has responded and confirmed the appropriateness of your request. Also, students should not share food at any time during school - even with a close friend. A seemingly harmless food item may unexpectedly contain allergens, or interact with other medical conditions. Depending on the health needs in the classroom, teachers may choose to avoid food-oriented experiences altogether.

Please see our guidelines for more information.

Science Humor

H2O is water and H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. What is H2O4?

Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium?
He just couldn't put it down.

What do you do with a sick chemist?

If you can't helium, and you can't curium, then you might as well barium.

Thank you. Thank you very much...we'll be here all week....