Arctic sea ice

Why does it matter that the earth is covered by sea ice?

What is surface reflectivity?

It reflects off the sea ice.

How is it possible to know how much territory sea ice covered in 1900?

Ice covered Arctic Ocean and some surrounding land areas.

How and when were the measurements in this graph?

1900-2008, They were big measurements.

What problems might there be in interpreting this data if the measurements were taken at different times of year and by different methods?

It depends on if the weather is hot or cold.

What the National Snow and Ice Data Center is, and why it collects data on sea ice?

They go around the globe. They collect sea ice data because they want to make sure the melting stops.

Why snow and ice cores are valuable to climate scientists?

Because sea ice is where animals live.

HOW global climates and\or sea levels might be affected if all the ice in the sea melted?

It would flood some of the Arctic.

What could happen if more of the earth were covered by sea ice?

More animals would be able to live.