NSSD Comprehensive Training Model

The 2019-20 Plan for ALL Staff


The district has combined the supports for new teachers and traditional district offerings into one package, the NSSD Comprehensive Training Model (CTM). This model has evolved from the implementation of the Collaboration Grant several years ago and utilizes staff leaders to deliver professional development to their colleagues. The goal is to design a year-long plan for ALL NSSD Staff to have multiple opportunities to access meaningful professional development opportunities that are aligned to district philosophy and priorities.

With your continued feedback this model will continue to evolve to support all staff in providing the best learning experience to all NSSD students. It’s a TEAM effort. Together, Everyone, Achieves, More!

Who Can Participate:

  • First-year teachers will have a set of activities to choose from. (13 hours, some selections may be modified based on experience and prior learning)

  • All other staff (classified and certified) will be able to participate in any learning opportunity identified on the professional learning calendar. Classes and courses are being created for specific classifications and grade levels.

District Professional Learning Opportunities:

  • Classes: These are typically a one time, 1- 2 hour opportunity. Classes can be offered by any program facilitator or other approved.

  • Full Courses: Courses are a minimum of 6 hours that are offered by program facilitators. Participants need to complete all seat time minutes and out of class assignments.

  • In-service: Building and district in-service activities are an important part of the training program. Building activities are done before or after school, or on a Monday delayed start. District in-service activities are held a half-day in October, January and February.

Pay Structure:

  • Class Participants: Teachers that complete a course will receive $? Classified staff will receive their current rate of pay for time beyond their normal workday.

  • Full Course Participants: Teachers that complete a course will receive $? Classified staff will receive their current rate of pay for time beyond their normal workday.

  • In-service: No additional pay is associated with these days unless they extend an employee's normal workday.

  • Facilitators: Will receive prep and delivery time to implement a class $150 and $500 for courses

Opportunities and Registration:

  1. Check this 2019-2020 Professional Learning calendar by clicking here - check back often to see current offerings. We are continuing to find more opportunities for our classified staff.

  2. To REGISTER for any opportunity:

    1. Click “yes” on the calendar invite that is sent at the end of each month


    1. Click on the blue hyperlink on the date of the event in the 2019-2020 Professional Learning Calendar

      1. Click “save” and then

      2. click “yes” to register for the event within google calendar.

Big picture

NEW! Professional Development Requests can now be found in TeachPoint!

ISST will slowly move all Professional Development requests, attendance, and PDUs to the same program that houses the evaluation system! Starting, October 1st, all Professional Development requests (conferences, workshops, etc) need to be requested through the TeachPoint system.

  • Coming soon . . .
  • Request to Host (Creating Public Events)
  • PD Tracking (For Educators)
  • Manage PD Attendance
  • eSignIn