Islamic Cultures!

Art & Music!

Muslim Art

Types of Designs

Arabesque, Calligraphy, Geometric, Floral Design and Textiles

Geometric and Floral design

Muslims did not draw animals or human figure because the Qu’ran teaches that only God “Allah” should be worshiped. These designs are found in Islamic places of the world such as decorations in palaces. They used decorated scripts from the Qu’ran, flower shapes, triangles, and many more shapes. these were found to decorate pretty much everything.

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Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting, They used it to honor God so calligraphers were above any other artist. These were used calligraphy to decorate mosaques and simple things like pottery and tiles.

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Textiles were used in trade. They weaved, dyed, embroidered,sometimes with gold with textiles. Fine textiles were found and used in the palace.
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Music In Muslim Spain


Muslim music was a unique style developed that blended elements of Arab and native Spanish cultures. Singing was an essential part of muslim Spain’s musical culture.


Some instruments that they used were





Musicians and Vocalists

Musicians and poets worked together to create songs about love, nature, and the glory of the empire. Vocalists performed the songs accompanied by such instruments as drums, flutes, and lutes.

This is an example of Muslim Music