Sparks' Notes


Fourth Grade Trip to Austin

Friday, Nov. 6th, 5:45am-9:15pm

1100 Congress Avenue

Austin, TX

This is a fantastic trip where your child will learn so much about the history of our state.

Chaperones - Notes will be coming home on Tuesday to those that have been randomly selected to be chaperones. Thank you so much!

Cost: $90 per child - Due Sept. 25th (If finances are an issue, please communicate this.)

Transportation: Chartered coach

Meals provided.

Chromebook Deployment

Fourth graders will be issued Chromebooks next week. In order for your students to get one, please complete the four blue links on the Digital Device Deployment page. The first link will direct you to to pay the $40 fee.

What We Are Learning This Week

Great Expectation Life Principle: Excellence

Math: Addition & Subtraction Strategies

Science: Matter

Social Studies: Regions of Texas

Writing: Setting Up Writer's Workshop

Reading: Character & Setting Up Reader's Workshop

Language: Parts of Speech & Simple Subject & Predicate

Library is every Tuesday. Don't forget your books!

Homework - Expect a Baggie Nightly

Homework Expectations: 1. Read a minimum of 20 minutes nightly and complete reading log. 2. Play math games for 20 minutes nightly and complete log. 3. Practice vocabulary words. Test on Friday.

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You've Won the Homework Lottery!

These students turned in their reading logs on Friday with all three nights of reading and math logs recorded! Great job!

Maria, Addison, Emily, Amina, & Doris

If your child is not showing you the completed reading and math log night, ask to see it. If it is forgotten at school, feel free to bring him/her back to get it. I am here until 5 on most days. I've also included links to the homework above. Thank you so much for doing your part as a parent to help your child develop successful. lifelong habits!

This Week's Vocabulary Words

Each child will be tested on Friday. Students are expected to be able to use these words in sentences. These are words we use day-to-day, so a functional use is critical to learning and understanding.

  1. greater than – being of a larger amount or total
  2. operations - mathematical processes used in equations
  3. definition – the explanation of a meaning
  4. predict -to estimate what will happen in the future
  5. freeze - to turn liquid into solid
  6. melt - to change from solid to liquid
  7. evaporation - process of vaporizing liquid to gas
  8. condensation - process of a gas cooling and forming a liquid
  9. determine - to figure something out, to set or fix
  10. detail - an important piece of information that supports the topic
  11. plot - main storyline or pattern of events
  12. sequence - the order of things that are connected
  13. revise - to change and make better
  14. insert - to add
  15. draft - an early version or rough sketch
  16. organization - the logical order of ideas
  17. edit - to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in writing
  18. table - a set of columns or rows to organize data
  19. equivalent - something that has the same value or importance
  20. less than - having a lower value

You can practice these words on Vocabulary Spelling City at:

Parent Portal Link for Checking Student Grades

To set up your account, enter your email address as your username. If you don't' remember your password, click the link. If at any time you are prompted for your student's ID number, just ask her/him to tell you her/his lunch number.

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Back to School Information

This folder contains helpful information about our classroom.

Parent Homework

Please do the following with your child:

  1. Check and sign agenda nightly.

  2. Check that reading homework and log are completed nightly.

  3. Check that math homework and log are completed nightly.

  4. Look through Tuesday folder and sign and return the next day (keep the work).

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, Sept. 22nd

PTA Meeting 5:45 pm

PTA Bicycle Rodeo & Ice Cream Blast 6-8 pm

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd

Homecoming Parade

Monday, Sept. 28nd

PTA Reflections Contest begins

Destination Imagination Awareness Meeting at Zellars

Tuesday, Sept. 29th

Curriculum Night for PreK - Second Grade

Thursday, Oct. 1st

TACO Talk 6:30 am

Lifetouch individual student pictures

Friday, Oct. 2nd

Clowns on Fire

Friday, Oct. 9th

Early Release