FCA's Annual Progressive Dinner

It Gets Progressively Better!

What is it?

Join SHS's FCA for our annual Christmas Party! We have ugly sweater competitions, white elephant gifts, play fun games, and eat amazing food.

FCA's Progressive DInner

Friday, Dec. 20th, 6pm

932 Suzy St

Sandwich, IL

We will start out at the McAnally's house, progress to the Kaltenecker's, and end the night at the Smith's for some yummy desserts. If you have prior plans you are able to come and go as you please. See the schedule below for approximate location and times.If you need a ride or don't know how to get to the McAnally's, we will meet at the high school and car pool from there.

Party Agenda

5:45-Meet at the high school if you need a ride or need directions

6:00-Arrive at the McAnally's for appetizers

6:45-Depart McAnally's house and drive to the Kaltenecker's for the main course

6:50-Arrive at the Kaltenecker's for the main course

7:30-Leave the Kaltenecker's and head to the Smith's house for dessert

7:35-Eat dessert at the Smith's

9:00ish-The party ends and everyone is free to go

What is FCA?

FCA stands for Fellwoship of Christian Athletes but we don't require our members to be atheltes to join. Most of our members are not athletes so we also make FCA stand for Fellowship of Christian Anybodies.