ENSC Family Notes

August 8, 2016

Outstanding Start

Thank you to our families and community for an outstanding start to the school year. As with any new school year, there are always a few kinks to iron out. This year is no different, but when looking at the big picture, we had a wonderful two days.

Please remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or idea, feel free to share with your child's teachers or principal. You are also free to call or email Ann Linson, superintendent (alinson@eastnoble.net or 347-2502).

There are some bus route changes this year that may affect your child. If you have any transportation questions, please contact John Legus, ENSC Transportation Director, at 347-2502.

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ENMS Update

In addition to the great start for students, we had a monumental week toward progress on the new middle school. During last Wednesday's Board meeting, the ENSC School Board approved bids for the building and then on Friday, the Drake Road property was purchased as the middle school location! It is official now. The district is going to have a new middle school with an anticipated occupancy of August 2018. Great news for students in grades 6th and earlier.

Board Meetings Dates

Below are dates for upcoming Board meetings. As always, you are welcome and encouraged to attend. All meetings begin at 6 p.m.

August 24 - Central Office

September 7 - Central Office

September 21 - Rome City Elementary

October - 26 - East Noble Middle School

Internet Connection Issues for Laptops

Currently, the majority of students in grades 6-8 and 10-12 are experiencing issues connecting to the Internet. This is due to an update to the initial web filtering software that was pushed out to students prior to these machines being sent home for the summer. In order for these machines to access the Internet, they need to receive the newer version of the software. Unfortunately, through no fault of ours, the newest update won’t install over the initial installation. We are in the process of working with Fortinet engineers (the web filtering company) for a solution to this problem as quickly as possible; however, students may not have access to the Internet until this is resolved. We are unable to give a definitive date for this to be resolved, as solutions vary from Fortinet engineers. (Freshmen students are unaffected by this problem as their machines were set up with the newest updated version of the web filtering software.)

IPads, Cords, and Powerblocks—Oh My!

A day many students anxiously await is arriving soon—the day iPads begin to be taken home! The target date for 1st through 4th grade iPads to begin coming home with students each night is Monday, August 15. For kindergartners, that date will be September 12. Before those dates, please take a moment to read over the iPad Guidelines with your child to make sure they are taking the best care of their iPad as possible! Those guidelines can be found at http://bit.ly/2aDHBEE.

One exception to this are students whose families have financial obligations for damaged iPads or lost/missing chargers and powerblocks from last year. All financial obligations need to be paid in full for a student’s iPad to be sent home. Students with outstanding balances will have their iPads kept at school until payment arrangements are made.

In addition to the iPad being sent home, on that date, every student will be getting a new charging cable and a new/gently used charging block to bring home. This year, East Noble is changing its policy regarding charging equipment. Students will be issued a powerblock and cord when they first receive their iPad and they will KEEP that equipment through whenever their time with their iPad is finished. For instance, a kindergartener receiving an iPad this year will keep the charging cable and powerblock through the end of the fourth grade year and then turn it in. A fourth grader receiving a charging cable and powerblock will keep that equipment through the end of this year and then turn it in. (Students withdrawing during the school year will turn in their equipment to their school at the time of withdrawal.) Cords and powerblocks will not be collected over the summer. Should the charging cable become lost or damaged during that time, parents may purchase replacements from wherever they choose; school book stores will also have replacements for $10.00.

Again, please take a moment to look over the iPad Care Guidelines with your child so that together we take the best care as possible with these devices.

School Messenger

ENSC uses SchoolMessenger as a way to communicate with families. This messaging services is used to notify everyone of school cancellations, events happening in school, to send the Family Notes, and for emergency notifications.

To receive text messages, you need to "Opt in" to the services. Below are directions.

To alter your SchoolMessenger settings, please go to this link for additional information:


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Quick Parent Survey

Please take two minutes to respond to a very quick parent survey. This information is important as the district begins to update its strategic plan.


Enjoy your week!