Child safety

By: Landri Burgart

My 6 concerns about child safety

  1. Burns
  2. Sharp objects
  3. Lead Poison
  4. Choking
  5. Drowning
  6. Cars


Burns is one of the most common at home child safety precaution. Burns and scalds can happen from spilt coffee pots, or stove burners left on. Babies and infants need to be especially careful. They are curios and have delicate skin that needs extra protection.

To avoid burns

Your family should have a fire escape plan and a ladder on the upper floor in case of emergencies, and have good working smoke detectors on every floor of the house. You should make sure to teach your childern about the dangers of getting burned.

Sharp objects

Curios childern can start to get cut or harmed by scissors, knife, or even household forks. If you have little childern in the house you should start to take precautions by putting sharp objects up higher out of reach.

Lead Poison

Every year 310,000 ages 1-5 have found to have high levels of lead in their blood. Lead is very harmful for childern from intake of it or just simply touch high levels of lead sources. Lead intake could cause mental and pysical development problems.


There are lot of ways that children can choke on everyday toys and food. Kids can choke on Legos or just food that isn't cut right. When they are choking that means a small object is stuck in there air hole. If the object is smaller than their palm you should take precautions.


The most common drowning accidents happen to people through the ages of 5-24 in their own home pools. Childern need proper care and attention in any water, even the bathtub. Childern can drown in as little of 2 inches of water.


A car accident can happen any second. It can when you are stilted at a stop sign and some one rear ends you. Injuries can happen no matter how fast the speed. To make sure you are safe you should always wear a seatbelt and never worry about your phone.