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By:Taymon Klinkefus, Braden Fink, Ben Rihner, Brock Hedstrom

October 4, 2012

The Baltimore Ravens, Written by: Brock Hedstrom

*****November 6, 1995 the Baltimore Ravens were born, in 2000 the Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV and became the world champions that year. Ray Lewis was the Super Bowl MVP.

*****Art Modell became owner of the Baltimore Ravens through 2003 and died this year (2012). The Baltimore Colts are the old Baltimore Ravens and they beat the New York Giants 23-17, for the longest game in the history of the NFL and AFL in 1958.

*****They built the M&T Bank Stadium in 2003 and still today , PSINet Stadium (1999–2002), Ravens Stadium (2002–2003), it is not the biggest stadium in the NFL, but the fans make it twice the size as every NFL football stadium in the U.S.A.
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The National Collegiate Athletic Accosiation, Written by: Braden Fink

*****The NCAA was established in 1910 by Mark Emmert. The headquarters is in
Indianapolis,IN. An association of 1,281 institutions,conferences and organizations. They developed a meeting of thirteen colleges.

*****To get enrolled to the division I you have to graduate from high school,complete 16 core courses in high school. To get enrolled in the division II you have to graduate from high school and complete 14 core courses. Division I is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States

*****Division II. The NCAA is Very few of the 100,000 NCAA student-athletes competing at the 300 Division II schools in the United States and Canada receive a full athletics grant that covers all of their expenses, but most of them will receive a full athletics grant that covers all of their expenses, but most of them will receive some financial aid to help them through school.

*****The division III is a junior college.The Division III experience provides for passionate participation in a competitive athletics environment, where student-athletes push themselves to excellence, build upon their academic success with new challenges and life skills, and are encouraged to pursue the full spectrum of opportunities available during their time in college.

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Cross Country, Written by: Taymon Klinkefus

*****Cross country was established by William C. Vosburgh. Cross country is a long distance running sport.It started because people were getting tired of running in circles. They run on a certain trail for each race at different places.The race for girls is two miles long.The trails may include hills, trees, and maybe even gravel road.

*****It is both an individual and team sport because you run against each other but whatever place you get determines how many points goes to your team.This is both a men and women sport.
This sport usually comes in the fall or winter.You could be running and it could be raining, snowing, hail, or sleet.Cross country or (XC) started in Great Britain.

*****The first national championship was in 1876 and the first international championship was in 1903.All runners start at the same time so if you are in the back row you will have to catch up to get a good place in the event.It started in 1837.
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Major League Baseball Written by: Ben Rhiner

******The MLB was started in 1869 by William Hulbert. The National League more widely known as the NL, had all the first teams. The first team was not the Chicago Cubs, It was the Cincinnati Red Stockings ( now the Atlanta Braves) They were only in Cincinnati for one season. Then they went to Boston, Massachusetts.

*****Then they were the Boston Beaneaters. Chicago would have been the first team, but the Great Chicago Fire stopped having a baseball team then. Then the New York Giants (Yes, funny right?) had won three team pennants, which was the championship trophy back then. Next the AL was started in 1901. They had the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

*****The Yankees have the most titles with 26 World Series titles. The newest champion is the St. Louis Cardinals, they have eleven titles now. There are two countries that have teams, USA (29) and Canada (1). There is two organizations, one for the actual people that run it, and one for the players.
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