Hunting Ground

By Zach Peterson

Great job at getting message out there

This film was created to document and to tell people about college rape. This act is traumatizing and can leave victims shaken and very irrational. Some victims commit suicide or cut themselves so they don't focus on the mental pain. This film did a great job at getting it's message out there by using victims and facts to make it more personal and sincere for the audience.


This film primarily featured victims of college rape to connect with viewers. They each told their story and how it affected them. Some even went at lengths to organize rallies and even sue or put their own college on trial. Another way is that the music selection allowed the audience to be brought more closely and kept the interested. The third way is the facts they used. For example, one fact they was that 16 percent of women in college are raped by the time they leave. Overall, this film did a great job at fulfilling it's purpose by using interviews, music, and facts to keep the audience interested and to try to get them to help the cause.
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