Welcome To Neptune

By: Taneesh Makkena

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Facts About This Wonderful World

In our solar system, lies the best planet in the universe. It's called NEPTUNE!!! The temperature of Neptune is -218°F. You may be wondering how can we live on this "cool" blue planet. Well, I've got an answer for that. We constructed a city on Neptune, and yes, it is livable. In that city, there will be famous attractions and amazing activities that you will never do on Earth. Don't you worry about gravity. The gravity there is slightly stronger than the one on a Earth, but it won't crush you. For all those skinny people, you can stop stressing about gaining weight. On Neptune, you gain 10 extra pounds. We won't let this vacation just be a normal vacation. There are many activities there, like windsurfing, caused by the powerful winds of Neptune. There is also a theme park called the "Rings of Fun." In this theme park, there are roller-coasters on Neptune's five rings. You could also get rock candy, and these rock candy actually come from Neptune's rings. You could also explore and study more about Neptune because we're too lazy to do it. And guess what, it only costs $79,000,000. Fair deal, eh. Come here, and you'll never forget this vacation (when I mean never, I literally mean NEVER.)