Spring 2014 Fidelity Support

Region 2

Spring Fidelity Support Session Description:

Fidelity Support Sessions assist local leadership teams in gauging progress with implementation plans for RttT initiatives. During the Spring 2014 Fidelity Support sessions, local teams will:

  • ­Review professional development goals established at past Summer Institutes to identify progress and establish next steps to target improved measurable student achievement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of local professional development efforts since the Fall Fidelity Support session.
  • Identify data sources and strategies for applying student achievement results to professional development planning.
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance and future goals for local professional development after RttT.
  • Continue planning for Summer Institute presentations from regional district teams.

Save the date and register now!

Thursday, March 20th, 9am-4pm

Mad Boar Restaurant 111 River Village Place Wallace NC 28466

To register, contact Linda Lowe, Director, Southeast Education Alliance


If your team is unable to attend this session, contact your PD Leads.

What to bring

    • Laptop
    • 1 power strip per team
    • Current PD Plan
    • Any relevant data (Goal Summaries and other test results, EVAAS Data, mClass Reading 3D, mid-year benchmark data)
    • Data collection/feedback tools developed for PD evaluation

    Who to bring

    Local Teams of 5 district and charter school representatives from Summer Institutes to include district staff, principals, and teachers/teacher leaders. Team size may vary based upon LEA/Charters and/or available seats in each region.

    Agenda Topics

    Celebrate Accomplishments

    Review/Analyze/Discuss PD Plans

    Cause and Effect Data and the PD Plan

    Collegial Conversations

    Vision, Goals, Action Steps

    Summer Institute 2014


    Mary Keel



    Tara Patterson



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