Tarleton Horse Therapy

Katelyn Fair

Required Core Class (16 Credits)

-Introduction to Horse Production

-Introduction to Horse Management

-Horse Nutrition

-Equine Reproduction

-Equine Enterprises

Why I want to do horse therapy?

I had a horse and he was foundered. That's where the horses eat to much and there legs swell up and hard for them to walk. Once a horse if foundered you cant get rid of it. They cant have sweet snacks or to much food and they need to be able to move so the horses get comfortable walking. But anyway my horse became foundered and we had to get a therapies out for him so we could see what we had to do for him to become comfortable. The therapist taught me everything I needed for the horse to be comfortable with moving and ever since I've been wanting to be a horse therapist. I love how its so hands on with the horses and makes them so much comfortable after.