Friday, December 11, 2015



Both the Leslie Fisher workshop & McNair tour are taking place tomorrow. You must have previously been approved for Leslie Fisher in order to attend. Anyone is allowed to attend the McNair tour, regardless of whether or not you indicated you were attending.

  • Leslie Fisher: 9:00-3:00 @ Lake Forest ES
  • McNair Tour: 10:00-1:00 @ 2800 Burdett Road College Park, Georgia 30349 (This is the address for the current building. The new building is directly next door. You can park at the new building and meet in the front lobby to begin the tour.)

Vanguard PD Day

For any and all information about the Vanguard PD Day, visit our website! As soon as the Pre-Work is prepared, you will find it on this page as well.

Vanguard Opportunity at Teaching Museum North

The Teaching Museum North has an innovative (paid) opportunity for Vanguard members. On Tuesday, February 16 from 5pm - 9pm, the Teaching Museum is hosting a challenge for middle school students entitled Night at the (Teaching) Museum.

Students visit various "stations" where they complete a challenge/activity centered around the event's theme: RHYTHM. Vanguard members are asked to design a challenge around the theme and lead it during the evening's activities.

In addition to be paid, the Teaching Museum North will cover any supplies needed for your activity.

For further information, contact Jena Sibille at


December Reflections & TIM-O

ALL MEMBERS: As a reminder, there will be NO December Reflection.

COHORTS 1, 2, 3: In addition, you can use the next week to work on your TIM-Os. If this spills into the beginning of January, that is absolutely fine. Remember, you DO NOT need to leave your classroom to conduct a TIM-O if this presents a hardship. You may review lesson plans and complete a TIM-O. In either case, be sure to provide feedback to your coachee.

COHORT 4A: You have not been required to begin coaching (though I know you're always helping others) or complete any TIM-Os. I will be getting you the information you need for both assignments when we return from the holidays.


Stonewall Tell ES - Physical Education

This week's Roving Reporter segment is with Lisa Sinon, Vanguard member and PE teacher, at Stonewall Tell Elementary School. Lisa shares one way in which she personalizes learning for her students using iPads. For more ways that Lisa personalizes and integrates technology, check out our SHOWCASING THE WORK section below.
Roving Reporter - Physical Education


Integrating Technology in the Physical Education Classroom

In our Roving Reporter segment, Lisa Sinon shared an example of how she personalizes learning and integrates iPads into her instruction. What are other ways to integrate technology? Check out the ideas and information shared by Lisa!

* WiiU - Used with the smaller students

* SMART remotes for assessment and planning

* PowerPoint Games for warm ups

* BrainPop

* -

* Pedometers


iPad Sign-Out

Do you have teachers that check out iPads from the media center? If so, then please share your suggestions!

How do they sign up and check them out? Outlook? Google?

Whatever you use, please share your thoughts and ideas about what works and doesn't work. Visit the Padlet page to share!

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.

Missed a segment of the Roving Reporter or need to show someone Personalized Learning? Visit the Vanguard website for all of our segments!