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Going to Court and Need an Experienced Lawyer?

You probably have been given a summons from your state or Washington, DC to come to court, so you will need us to be one of your lawyers. Our law firm has the most diligent and persuasive lawyers you’ll ever meet! If you are one of our defendants, we will make sure that the verdict will always be not guilty. In fact, we guarantee this so much that at your trial(s), your plaintiff will end up pleading, saying that they committed the crime even if it wasn’t them because we are so persuasive!

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What Should You Expect?

Before your trial, there will be a pretrial conference in the courtroom, where the judge does not accept evidence or testimonies. Then the judge will probably look over your complaint again to make sure they understand all of the information that was given to them. Then you will be called to rise and complete your oath. If it is a criminal case, then everyone will look and see if there was any meditation from you or the other person committing their crime. At the end, they complete the preponderance of evidence and if it seems like the court come to a final answer, they ask for an arbitration so they can get an unbiased vote. If the decision that is made does not satisfy you, then, you may call for an appeals to go to higher court and get a different answer. Thank you for considering Cerqueira Law Firm!