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Sheridan Middle School - January 2016


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Have you set your new year reading goal?

2016 Reading Challenge

- a book you've been meaning to read

- a book recommended by your teacher or librarian

- a book chosen for you by your BFF

- a book published before you were born; possibly a classic tale

- a book that you perceive as a challenge

- a book published this year

- a book you can finish in a day

The SMS Young Hoosier Book Award Reading Program

YHBA Circulation

The books are flying off the shelves, but they are not making their way back! What an awesome problem to have! If you have a Young Hoosier book and are finished reading, please return it to the media center as soon as possible. The hold lists are still growing!

The Top 3 Young Hoosier Books Voted by SMS

~QR Codes have Invaded the library!~

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THANK YOU to Mrs. Werckenthien and her 7th grade reading classes for designing the awesome QR Codes after their last individual reading!

Next time you visit the library and are unsure of what to read, check-out the titles that have QR Codes. Who knows, after scanning and opening the code, you may find your next all-time favorite read.

Just in at the Library

Top 3 Check Outs

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