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For strangers when you return

Ciri did as he requested. She watched as he drew two vials of her blood, labeled them, and set them aside. That'll give me a starting point. Now that I think about it, we'd better do this twice on the days you receive your treatments. I want a sample before and after, understood? Mr. Duncan proceeded to take buy instagram followers her temperature and blood pressure. Yes. That's all for tonight. Next time, I'll start tracking your progress.

I'll want to know everything. You'll keep nothing from me. I understand. Ciri stood up slowly. And next time, wear real shoes. It's your responsibility to avoid getting sick. You are of no use to me if you get sick. If you become useless, you negate our contract. I understand.

She headed buy instagram followers toward the exit as Mr. Duncan began to busy himself with other equipment in the room. Oh, and Ciri… Yes. I don't want you talking to buy instagram followers my son again. Who? How had Mr. Duncan found out? As she attempted to feign innocence, Ciri made a mental note of how quickly news found its way back to the master of the estate. I saw Joshua greet you when you arrived. He is not to know anything about you, your condition, or our tests. I don't want you around him at all.

My son has better things to do with his time than waste it on the homeless and infirm. Don't worry. I have no interest in your son. Ciri spun on her heel and returned to her room. That was harsh, Father. Mr. Duncan didn't even flinch at the silent appearance of his eldest son. He merely continued with his preparation of the blood he'd just drawn. I'm fully buy instagram followers aware that you'd prefer if I took her in and adopted her.

Your bleeding heart cares too much when your own family should be foremost in your mind. Did you find your brother? Mr. Duncan tapped the syringe now filled with Ciri's blood. Yes. He's strapped down on the table in the back. I definitely don't want you to adopt her. I simply don't see any need for you to be cruel and demean her like that. Why do you dislike her so much? Joshua asked the question he'd asked many times before. Ciri is trouble.

I don't want you anywhere near her. Is that clear? Yes, Father, but why? She seems pleasant enough to me. There's more to her than you know, and I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain it to you. Sit down. Let's get this done. Joshua took his place in the chair that Ciri had vacated. The wood still buy instagram followers held the warmth of her recent presence. Joshuasubtly inhaled her unique scent as he sat quietly until his father had drawn two vials of his blood. He was well acquainted with the procedure he'd observed being performed on Ciri.

Joshua had been living it his entire life. If his father didn't draw off his blood on a regular basis, Joshua began to develop odd buy instagram followers symptoms as a result of his body's inability to handle the extra fluid in his veins.

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