Convention of States Lewiston Event

How We Can Stop Our Runaway Federal Government

Michael Farris

Citizens for Self-Governance – Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies, head of Convention of the States Project

Michael Farris is the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. He was the founding president of each organization. During his career as a constitutional appellate litigator, he has served as lead counsel in the United States Supreme Court, eight federal circuit courts, and the appellate courts of thirteen states.

Farris has been a leader on Capitol Hill for over thirty years and is widely respected for his leadership in the defense of homeschooling, religious freedom, and the preservation of American sovereignty.

Mike and his wife Vickie, have ten children and 17 grandchildren.

Michael Farris Will Discuss

  • What is an Article V Convention?
  • The Power of a Convention of States.
  • How We Can Stop Our Runaway Federal Government
  • What Kind of Amendments Can Be Proposed?
  • Is a Convention of States Safe?
  • Was the 1787 Constitutional Convention a "Runaway"?
  • Questions & Answers
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Convention of States Live Event with Michael Farris

Wednesday, Dec. 10th 2014 at 6:30-8:30pm

46 Cedar St

Lewiston, ME


Call State Director, Ken Quinn at 207-713-8700
or email

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