Human Body Corporation

The Skin

Stephanie Reemtsma, Alexis Newlin, Danielle Duis


The skin covers the entire human body from head to toe. (Literally.)

Physical Appearance

The skin comes in a large range of shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the person that it is attached to.

Interesting Facts

Facts About the Skin

1. Nerve center for relaying information to the nervous system.

2. Every month you have a new layer of skin.

3. Adults harbor eight pounds of skin.

4. The skin is made of of seven layers of flat skin cells.

5. Largest organ in your body.

Facts About the Integumentary System

1. Sweat glands rid the body of waste products urea and lactate.

2. Nails and hair are organs within the integumentary system.

3. Humans shed 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime.

4. Hair cells help control the internal body temperature.

5. Muscles called the arrector pili muscle are connected to the hair shaft. Allowing the hair to be pulled taught when the body becomes cold.

What If the Skin Was Removed?

If the skin is removed from the body, all other systems would fail to function properly due to the sudden lack of water because it was previously contained within the body by the skin. The digestive system would not be able to digest whatever food it was given because the removal of skin would prevent the body from maintaining a constant body temperature and the digestive enzymes do not function if the temperature goes outside of their prefered range.

Who Should Be Fired?

I suggest removing the Appendix from the Digestive System. The Appendix has not been useful to the company for a very long period of time. If they were removed, the company would not be harmed in any way. In addition, many of the other Human Body Corporation offices have made way with this revelation and removed the appendix entirely and those office buildings continued to thrive without a problem.