My Fave Videogame


Minecraft is my favorite video game for many reasons. There is no specific way to “play” this world of adventure,but there is a way to “win” the game. You can get to the end and kill the enderdragon, but not after killing the wither skeleton (these are the two main boss mobs). Though you can play vanilla minecraft, or you can spice things up with mods, which change the world adding in more mobs,weapons, and other miscellaneous items. Minecraft has made a mark on history with many sites such as having there own fan bases for the game and its history with such game glitches as herobrine or the creator notch. I think the main reason I love the game is the fact of this is your own world where no one can tell you what to do. It’s a really fun and creative way to build and many people have done amazing things with this game. It helps young coders to code modes and servers for this game. So with that, I hope you will join this world of survival and creativity!

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