Jane Goodall

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Early Life...

Jane was born on April 3rd, 1934 in London, England to Mortimer and Vanne Goodall. Her father Mortimer was a businessman and race car enthusiast, Vanne was an author. Jane also has a sister, Judy.

From an early age Jane's fascination with animals and wildlife was obvious. She would observe birds and animals and read books of zoology and ethology. Jane attended Uplands Private School as a child and received her certificate in 1950.

Jane's Life

At the age of 18 Jane found work as a secretary at Cambridge Univerisity. Through this outlet she was given the opportunity to travel to Africa where she met Louis Leakey, the famed anthropologist who was beginining to study chimpanzees. Goodall's tempermant was ideal for the long term relationships that were necessary to deal with the chimpanzees in order to study them properly. She has spent the rest of her life working with the primates.
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Jane's Impact

Jane Goodall settled in with her research of chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream Reserve in Tanzania, South Africa. Jane worked every day to gain trust with the Reserve's chimpanzee population and eventually was able to live amongst them and obvserve their life. Her observations gave way to incredible and groundbreaking discoveries that have since changed the way evolution is regarded. Actions previously believed to be "strictly human" such as tool making were now being observed as major parts of the lives of chimpanzees. She witnessed primative forms of language and watched as chimpanzees stalked prey and even showed signs of cannibalism. Jane Goodall redfined her field.
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Jane Goodall's Legacy

Jane Goodall has spent the later years of her life fighting for animal rights. She has taken her power in her field and used it to make the conditions in which animals, both in the wild and in zoos and other controlled environments are put under the proper care and are able to live fulfilling lives. Jane Goodall's influence has been seen around the world and she has been recognized with countless awards and achievements for her humanitarian efforts.
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Jane as a Leader

Throughout Jane's life she has been most successful because of her temperment and patience. Jane Goodall is able to form such trustworthy relationships because of her ability to connect and build bonds with both the people and primates she works with every day. Her best and most prominent leadership skills is her trust, patience, and ability to communicate.

Jane is a paternalistic and democratic leader as she leads by example in the way she conducts herself every day. In her field strong words and decisive actions only go so far, an even-mannered temperment and ability to listen to others is what makes her so successful. She transformed her field and now advocates for animals everywhere and she did so without ever picking up a gun or screaming into a microphone. Her impact has been felt, and will be continued due to her courageous and outside the box thinking and overwhelming patience and kindess.