Summer Reading Contract 2015/16

Nelson College

Once again this year we are going to allow students to borrow books from the library over the Christmas break. Please read the guidelines below and sign and return the consent form if you would like you son to borrow books.

  • a maximum of 15 books may be borrowed (we will provide a printout of all titles on loan)
  • books can only be borrowed if the student has no overdue books or money owing for lost books
  • all books need to be returned during the first week on Term 1, 2016
  • no new issuing will be done in Term 1 until all books are returned

Parent or Guardian to sign this section:


I give permission for _________________________________________________ to borrow books over the summer holidays. I understand that the usual process of notification and billing will apply to lost or damaged books. I agree to the terms and conditions above and I confirm that my son is returning to Nelson College in 2016.
Parent/Guardian signature: ________________________[Name]_____________________________