Third Grade News

May 22-26, 2017

Here's What's New!

Please, please, please send in a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope by this Friday for your child's last report card and other information we will be sending.

Please. A long, business envelope. Not a little short one that we cannot possibly squeeze and fold the papers into so that they fit.

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 24: Science is Fun Day

29 No School – Memorial Day

30 5th Grade Awards (8:30 am)

30 5th Grade Day

31 Dismissal at Noon

31 3rd Grade Awards (8:30 am)

1 Dismissal at Noon

1 4th Grade Awards (8:30 am)

2 Dismissal at Noon

2 Last Day of School

5 Teacher Work Day

6 Teacher Work Day

6 Report Cards Mailed

Reading This Week!

This week we are taking going to be benchmarking each student. This will take a few weeks to complete. We will continue to do Reading Workshop and literacy stations while Benchmarking.

We will have a Fab Facts Quiz on Thursday. There is a study guide in the Homework Packet and a Quizlet to help prepare!

"When I say to a parent, "read to a child", I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate. " — Mem Fox


This week we will review all 3rd grade math standards. Later in the week students will take the Spring Benchmark test. Continue to practice MEMORIZING multiplication facts. Use the links below to practice.


This week, we will be reading and writing fairy tales.

Social Studies

We have finished our Civil War Unit and are learning about the Civil Rights Movement. There will not be a test on this material, but we do consider it very important for our students to understand this part of our history.


This week we will be doing spelling and word wall review activities. Due to testing, there will be no spelling list or spelling test.

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Lunch Menus

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Mrs. Humphrey's Class

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Strength in P.E.!

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