Soccer for the Needy

Fact Sheet

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The sole purpose of this organization is to give poor and needy people around the world a chance to play organized soccer. The mission of Soccer for the Needy is to build and inspire the game of soccer in the lives of people all over the world, which will provide a positive alternative to often less healthy pasttimes in poverty-stricken areas, and provide a connection point for people in the community. We will help people in Africa, India, China, South America, and North America. We will concentrate our efforts in areas that cannot afford an actual field or the resources to make a decent one on which to play. The goals of this organization are to provide the resources for organized soccer and an organizational structure within which to play.

The Physical Help

There are many physical benefits for impoverished people to play soccer. Soccer will help promote overall wellness and possibly help prevent medical conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease (Sustrans). It will also help kids with overall physical fitness that could help them in a everyday situations. Physical activity can also help prevent diseases such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Cholera (Sportanddev).

The Mental Help

Soccer does more than just help with the physical side of things; soccer can also help a lot with mental health. It is proven that when kids participate in sports that they will do better in their schooling and much more (truesport). Soccer also encourages discipline, teamwork, and competitive spirit, which are all needed in poor countries (wipo). The sport will also help deter players from involvement in drug use or illegal organizations (truesport). Soccer can help reduce the risk of all causes of mortality by 30% (sustrans). Lastly it will lead players to a smarter, sharper, and brighter life (sustrans).

The Social Help

The social benefits of soccer could possibly be the most important aspect of the game. In the game of soccer you need to be interactive to beat your opponent. The social part of the game will help teach players to work together and help each other (sportandder). In addition to the game itself, we will also need people to help organize, coach, referee, and maintain the field. These needs will create potential job opportunities that will help the economy in the community in which the organization is taking place (wipo).Lastly and most importantly, this is a way for the people to have fun in the game of soccer that will eventually boost the community's morale (sportandder).

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