Power Strips

By: Bradley, Aidan, Rony, and Maddox

Smart Strips

This will be used in our school.

Factual information

• People think that they are saving energy.

• but most time it is just so much work going all around the room unplugging things.

• well if you have a power strip you could only have to push a switch to save energy.

• and it is a multi outlet that you can plug lots of things into.

• the ones that we are getting have a grand switch that shuts every thing off and a switch next to every out let that shuts that specific outlet.


  • You do not need to hire anyone to install them.
  • You can just plug them yourself.
  • You need approval Mrs. Froese to get them and install them.
  • You can just flip a switch and everything will turn off.

Pros vs Cons

  • Lgc3 power strip has a control outlet that allows you to manage the power to several devices based on the power state of one master device.
  • Idp 3050 has motion detectors and decides when devices should be on or off when your not there but turns back on when you walk by the motion detector.
  • Some power strips can cause data to be deleted when you don't save it .
  • Some power strips can not have the right plugs you need .

Money implement$

  • The power strips cost 24$ each.
  • The total would be 3,168 for two power strips in each room.
  • You would pay a lot lees for the electric bill.
  • It is easier to turn off every thing
  • We would raise the money by doing a fund raiser.