Adolf Hitler REWARD $1,000,000

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Adolf Hitler isn't just killing people he is killing faith, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. He has been setting up death camps for humans! How could someone take the lives from their own kinds their own neighbors? Adolf has killed 9- 10 million people in his promise to wipe out the Jewish population. If you can find his location or know anywhere of his whereabouts we are giving a reward of $1,000,000 to his capturer.

For many reasons people should help find Hitler. He has set up big camps where he burns people, he has killed millions of people and deserves to get justice. He took having the control of his country and put it against tons of people. People were forced to work just to be killed the next day. He starved them and made them watch their family members die.

Central Beliefs

  • He did not believe in the Jewish race or religion.
  • He believed that there should only be Aryans
  • He didn't believe in communism.
  • He believed in anti-semitism.
  • He believed that he still deserved to live even though he was like them.


1. He has killed millions of innocent people.

2. He broke treaties with countries.

3. He abused his power.

4. He came in and invaded other peoples houses.

5. He was a cause of World War II