Lee Elementary

February 2021


Greetings everyone,

I hope everyone is well and finding time to enjoy your family. Salem-Keizer Public Schools will be hosting informational events for families to learn what blended learning will look like for elementary students in the near future. Lee will be posting updates on our school website and Facebook page and I will be sharing information in multiple ways as it becomes known. We are all looking forward to the times when we have students back at Lee Elementary.

Your Principal,

Mrs. Adams


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Key dates for Salem-Keizer Public Schools

February 15th - Presidents' Day

February 17th - Exclusion Day

Lee dates to remember

February 3rd - PTC Chipotle Fundraiser 4-8pm (Commercial St SE)

February 8th - Lee Art Club 1:30-2:15pm

February 11th - PTC Zoom mtg @ 6pm

February 22nd - Lee Art Club 1:30-2:15pm

Exclusion Day - February 17th

Questions regarding what immunization(s) is/are needed can be answered by the school office.

Questions about available resources to receive immunizations can be directed to the Nurse Help Line at 503-399-3376.


Ideas for Making Friends During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our kids in many ways, but perhaps the most profound way is how it has impacted their friendships. Social isolation, mask wearing, social distancing, school and childcare closures have meant that making friends must take completely different forms for our kids. As parents, this dramatic change has likely worried us. We all want our kids to be happy and we know that childhood is meant to be shared with friends. Socializing is vital for our kids’ well-being. We see how our kids suffer without their friends, and all want to make their childhoods as normal, stress-free, and as happy as possible.

The good news is that the pandemic is not forever, and our children will be able to interact normally with their friends in due time. Until then, there are many ways that we can help our kids make friends, socialize with the friends that they have, and cope with the many changes the pandemic has brought. Keeping in mind the safety parameters—virtual gathering being the safest option and outside with masks/distancing being the second safest option—here are a few ideas to get you started when it comes to creating opportunities for your children to socialize and make friends.

  1. Virtual Playdates
  2. Video Activity Dates
  3. Live Movie Streaming
  4. An Outside Socially Distanced Scavenger Hunt
  5. Good, Old-Fashioned Pen Pals
  6. Online Enrichment Classes
  7. Nature Walks and Bike Rides
  8. Family Game Nights
  9. Zoom calls with Parent Supervision.
  10. Fun Runs, Sports, or Exercise Groups that are Socially Distanced

~Mrs. Walker

Lee Elementary



With a new year comes new changes, including a few meal distribution updates!

Starting January 4, 2021, Salem-Keizer Public Schools will be offering Grab-N-Go meals at 90 locations. Meals will be available for pick-up at the locations below from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They are free for any child or teen ages 1-18, and adults with special needs ages 18-21 who are enrolled in a Salem-Keizer Public Schools program.

Breakfast, lunch and supper

We are now including suppers in the Grab-N-Go meal bag. Each bag contains breakfast, lunch and supper. If you are picking up multiple bags, we recommend bringing your own bag to help carry the amount of food being distributed.

Four previous locations are closed

Our Food Services team monitors daily usage at each of our locations. Occasionally, this means that some sites will close to consolidate with nearby locations. Also, we will no longer be distributing weekend meals; however, the inclusion of daily suppers will actually increase the amount of food distributed each week.

Go to this link for :


At the start of each school year, information from student registration forms is input into the student information database.

SchoolMessenger, the system the district uses to send out phone notification to parents, receives updated information from this database once each day.

It is very important that parents keep their contact information current.

Be sure to let your school office know if you have a new address, email or phone number.

The parent or guardian marked as the primary contact in the student information system will receive automated communication.

Messages will also be sent to the student’s home phone number contained in the database, if different from the primary contact phone number.

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Through the Oregon Health Plan, youth 19 years of age and younger have access to free health coverage, regardless of immigration status if they meet the income requirements.

More information, including income requirements and how to apply for coverage, is available online.



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