Fake Fire

By:Spencer Reynolds

At 6063 Stock-wood Dr. on January 3rd in the Reynolds home, most of the Reynolds family woke up to beeping of the fire alarms around 12 to 4.

At 12:30 was the first time they went off. Danielle and Cory Reynolds took some down and the alarms stopped. It went off again at 3:30, and that is when the kids started waking up. The parents raced around turning them off. Here are some words from a witness who experienced waking up to the alarms. "The fire alarm woke me up , I got out of bed and went to my door. I put a hand on the door to check if it was hot and it wasn,t . I opened the door and looked down the hallway to find my mom coming my way. so I knew i was ok and climbed back into bed." said Alessandra.
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Thankfully there wasn't fire or smoke. All the fire alarms went off except in the eldest's room. The first time the alarms went off the parents changed the batteries but the alarms went off again.
In the end everyone still got a good night's sleep. And the alarms didn't go off again.