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Weekly Staff Bulletin

March 28-April 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Spring!! We have officially entered the race to the end of the year. We have so many things happening here at Poynter. We will be doing forecasting for our incoming 7th grade in mid-April and right after that forecasting for our 8th grade. We are also working on looking at Advisory for next year, our new bell schedule (1 schedule next year---Great work team!), and final academic seminars for the year.

Thanks for all your dedication to Poynter and the work that you do individually every day. It truly does take a village.

Have a great week,


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Poynter Middle School community invests in every student to help them develop skills for high school with progress towards college and career readiness.




  • attendance increases through tracking, responding, and communicating with students and families
  • multiple pathways are utilized for school to home connection such as phone calls, emails, postcards, home visits, school community events (back to school nights, parent conferences, ice cream social, AVID family nights, Latino Family Nights,
  • relevant extracurricular activities (such as clubs, sports, performances) are offered and available


  • rigorous instruction from bell to bell by all staff is a priority
  • Professional Learning Communities create common assessments and examine data to drive reflective instruction
  • explicit academic language instruction is a priority through strategies such as sentence frames, scaffolding, direct instruction, Depth of Knowledge, Constructing Meaning, FIELD
  • teacher training and implementation of strategies are supported and is part of the culture of Poynter Middle School
  • students are taught to become better organized through the use of AVID strategies


  • equitable supports focusing on individual needs are implemented within our academic teams
  • fostering a culture of respect, safety, and being connected are a value


Every student will develop skills for high school with progress towards college and career readiness.


Middle School Matters

Coaches Corner---Cherylen Marshall

Instructional rounds are right around the corner! Rounds are one of the most valuable tools a school can use to enhance teachers pedagogical skills and to develop a culture of collaboration (Marzano, 2011). During academic seminar on April 6th, I will be introducing the protocols that will be used this year. After this introduction, there will be an opportunity for volunteers to practice the new protocol before our follow-up session on April 27th. Official rounds will start in May. We will be doing rounds this year in groups of 4-5 within our academic teams. I am excited to serve alongside you as a guide in this evolving experience!

General Information for all staff

*Academic Seminar this week---Licensed--Department meeting. Classified--in the library for Nuts and Bolts meeting.

*Academic Seminar for April 6 and 13 has been switched. Due to a scheduling conflict we will flip our academic seminars and team time will be on April 13th. Thank you Team Leaders for your flexibility. :-)

*SBAC testing has started----Now is a great time to send out messages to parents and students about coming to school with a good nights sleep, with breakfast (if possible), and do their very best.

Current Week and March At A Glance

Monday-March 28

PBIS Committee Meeting, 8:00

AVID Team meeting, 3:30

3:20 Musical Rehearsal

3:30 Track practice

3:30 TRIO

3:30 Migrant Extended Day Tutorial

SBAC starts!

Tuesday-March 29

Yearbook Club 7:50-8:45

Wildcats/Pilots mtg. 8:00-8:45

11:00 Attendance Team

MESA 3:15-5:00

Bike Club 3:30-4:45

Musical Rehearsal 3:20

Track practice 3:30

3:30 Migrant Extended Day Tutorial

Wednesday-March 30

Academic Seminar---Licensed--Department meetings, Classified---Library.

7:50-8:50 Chess Club

GSA 12:00-1:30 (1st lunch Ceccarelli, 2nd lunch Byrne)

1:30 CARE team

Musical Rehearsal 3:20

Track Practice 3:30

Thursday-March 31

Boxers/Vikings meeting 8:00-8:45

VIP Ticket Event

Bike Club 3:30

Musical Rehearsal 3:20

Track practice 3:30

Friday, April 1

7:45 SST

8:00 Department Coordinator meeting

Upcoming Events:

4/6 Academic Seminar Licensed--in the library

4/13 Academic Seminar---team time

4/13 Nuts and Bolts meeting--Licensed in the library

4/19 and 4/21 Incoming 7th grade nights.

Remember Monday is AVID gear, Tuesday is Tie Tuesday, Wednesday is Poynter Gear, Friday is college or Liberty gear.

Thought of the Week

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