DON'T DO TOBACCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riley Yarborough

#1 Pysical (how smoking effects the body

  • Lung cancer
  • cavities and gum disease
  • Emphysema
  • addiction
  • stained gums/cancer
  • colon and bladder cancer

#2 social consequences (how smoking effects relationships0

  1. perpresure
  2. Stop being friends
  3. media
  4. they will get cancer
  5. they will get a hole in there throat
  6. there money will be gone from buying it

Mental and emotional health

  • addiction
  • start selling it
  • crazy thinking
  • start buying to much and go into debt


You well get cancer lung,bladder and colon cancer.You will start selling it and your money will go on it and your want to buy more.You will go in Debt trying to pay for tobacco.Your family members will try to help you but you need it you want it you are now addicted to it.

Don't do tobacco

The End
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