Comparative Poetry Analysis

Dayna Jones Hour 1


Hello! This is a analysis for the two poems I have choose from the five poems. The two poems i have choose are Problems with Hurricanes on pages 56-57. Also the poem Tornado at Talladega on page 60. I will be doing analysis' of the tone and word choice, figurative language, and the format of the poems.


I thought that these poems had very different featured things like the how the format was and the tone and word choice. The two poems had really different figurative language because in Problems with Hurricanes, it had metaphors and in Tornado at Talladega, it had personifications. They have a little of things in common like having a free verse poem, uneven lines or stanzas, and they also both have a line or word alone. The authors style affects both poems because it tells a story. They tell good stories...stories that have meaning...and they give a that story a good meaning to tell the readers something they might want to know. The message or story that the poem is telling in Problems with Hurricanes, is to watch out for the innocent things in life, they could be dangerous. In Tornado in Talladega, the message is that nature can be harmful and destroy things.
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