"Oiled" to Oblivion

A plan for an Alaskan Atrocity

Food at Stake

In a short time, BP Oil will begin another one of their dangerous oil exploits in Alaska-one of america's main fish resources, and sadly a large oil resource. What BP plans to do would add big profits I'm sure, but at what cost? I am a fisherman-that's my whole life. Creating oil rigs increases my chances of being out of a job. Here are the reasons why BP Oil must be stopped:

  • Oil is proven poisonous, especially when consumed. When fish enter an oily area, they breathe it in, and it infects their lungs, depriving them of the oxygen they need to survive
  • Oil in general-both rigs and spills-makes waters dull and ugly, taking away from the overall beauty
  • Oil does not come off easily-so even living fish we take out of the ocean need to be cleaned four times as much as clean, healthy fish
  • If another spill happens, think what it would mean for our economy. For one, I, and millions of other fishermen in Alaska would have our paychecks cut in half-or even get laid off. With all the fish dying, food shortages would condense, and their prices would shoot sky-high
  • Oil rigs do tend to have more wildlife around them for their large pillars to hide by-not a good thing, however, because of the large risk of spills.
  • From the gulf spill, up to 100,000 barrels of oil leak out every day!
  • If the risks weren't so high, I'd say go ahead, but with the Chukchi sea's (sea near Alaska) percent chance of an oil spill occurring is 39-51% (according to defenders of wildlife)
  • BP didn't have a cleanup plan for even a minor spill from their rigs
We must stop this abomination of the seas. If BP is not stopped, the whole ocean will become as black as the gulf spill.