Mount Saint Agnes Comings & Goings

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Upcoming Events


  • Tuesday 19th - Middle School Assembly during TA
  • Thursday 21st - Saint Agnes Feast Day Mass at 10:30 am (K - 12)
  • Monday 25th - Thursday 28th EXAM WEEK
  • Friday 29th - Teacher Professional Development Day; NO SCHOOL!

School Notices


On Friday the 29th of January there will be no school. Camp will be offered to those students in ELP - Grade 5. Camp sign-up forms were sent home to the Elementary classes.


Science Supplies Needed

If you have any empty wrapping paper tubes please send them into the office in preparation for the Science Olympics in March.

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Digital Dilemma

Sexting & Nude Photographs

In today’s Royal Gazette there is an article on the growing concern about “Sexting” in young children in Bermuda.

Although there are very real, serious consequences associated with sexting, it’s important to also focus on the motivations behind it and the risks associated with the behavior. Understanding the phenomenon can help us prevent kids from using poor judgment and engaging in self-destructive behavior. Sexting is increasingly prevalent among kids — no longer something we can assume only happens to other families. Yet, it also confuses and angers many parents who can’t imagine digitally sharing something so intimate.

Remind your kids that sexting has long-lasting consequences. I t’s important to communicate that sexting can hurt everyone involved.

In many states, sending nude photographs is illegal — particularly when minors are involved. Taking, possessing, or distributing naked images of minors can have significant legal consequences for the sender and the recipient. Second, many schools are still figuring out how to react to sexting, and consequences may range from suspension to expulsion. Regardless of the school’s action, students themselves may feel pressure to change schools after such pictures get out, as the social ramifications can be devastating.

Remind kids that any private messages can be made public online.

Even if your kids insist that they completely trust the recipient, once they press Send, they lose control of the message. Help kids think through the “what-ifs”: A recipient loses his or her phone; a friend scrolls through another’s messages; a parent checks a kid’s phone; the recipient changes his or her mind; the relationship circumstances change. Any message or photo can be copied, screenshot, or forwarded. Sexts can be used for bragging rights or even for revenge. Emphasize that there are just too many real risks that they can’t control.

Explain to your kids that sexting is not a normal or common behavior.

Boys tend to believe that other boys are readily receiving sexts from their female peers. We’ve heard stories about teenage boys keeping naked images on their cell phones that they found online as evidence of “sexts they’ve received.” Often this idea can pressure boys to ask for sexts as a marker of masculinity and sexual desirability. Kids also may be tempted to engage in sexting because they desperately want to experience and “prove” their closeness with others — and they are still learning how to navigate these close relationships and express their feelings appropriately. Take this as an opportunity to talk about other ways to communicate attraction and closeness. Explain that it’s normal to want to show someone that you care about them — and even to want to impress a crush — but there are far less risky ways to do it than sending a sext. And anyone who asks for one does not have your best interests at heart.

Spark a Conversation:

Prove you trust me

Devon opened his cellphone and saw a picture of a girl without a shirt on. He couldn’t see her face, but saw the text message sent with the picture: “Fwd if you think Rachil is a slut!” Rachil was in Devon’s Spanish class and he immediately cringed, imagining how ugly this was going be for Rachil at school tomorrow. Rachil had sent the picture to her ex-boyfriend because he promised they would get back together if she proved she trusted him. She sent it to him and they got back together, but a few days later they got into another fight and broke up. Jose forwarded the picture to his friends. Then, the picture spread like wildfire.

1. What is your gut reaction to this story? What parts of the story seem most realistic to you?

2. Why do you think Rachil decided to send the picture? What could she have done differently if she really wanted to get back together with her boyfriend?

3. What is a misconception you think adults have about sexting?

4. What would you have done in this situation if you didn’t know Rachil? If you were Rachil’s friend? If you were Rachil herself?

Outside Events

The Basketball Academy for Girls is preparing for its 3rd Annual Basketball Tour to Canada in April over the half-term break. Some players are already members of the Basketball Academy and have already expressed interest. Unfortunately, we do not have have a full complement of 12 players interested and therefore have decided to open up tryouts to outside players.

If you have any players aged 14 - 16 (as of Sept. 1, 2015) who might be interested, please be advised of the following:

Tryout Date: Saturday, January 18, 2016

Time: 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Venue: Saltus Gym (cars can enter from lower parking lot)
- -

Tim Trott


Coach Bullet Basketball




Registration is open! We would like to invite you to our camp over the February mid-term break at our fully equipped gym in St Davids. We will be hosting a full week of camp during the following week: Monday February 8th - Friday Feb 12th

Limited half day sessions are available for $205. Half day session run from 9:00-12:30pm

Full day sessions available for $295. Full day sessions run from 9-4 pm. Early drop off starts at 8:30 am, while after care runs from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm. *Please note that late pick-ups incur a $1 per minute late fee*

Join us for a week of fun and games. Register online at Please contact the Recreational Coordinator at for further assistance.


The Bermuda School of Music is pleased to be able to offer a beginning group guitar class this term. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the basic techniques, rhythm, how to read music, and other essentials for every beginning musician. Students will need their own instrument, but all other materials will be provided. It is our hope that by the end of this course, we will have sparked a passion for music in the students, and they are encouraged to continue to develop their skills through private instruction.

If you have been unsure about beginning music lessons, this is a great chance to "test the waters" at a greatly reduced cost. The 10 week course will be held Friday evenings from 6:30-7:30 beginning January 15, located at the Bermuda School of Music, at the Berkeley Cultural Centre. The cost for this course is $180 (just $18 per hour). Please contact Jeremiah Smith to enroll, or with any questions.

Jeremiah Smith
Guitar Instructor
Bermuda School of Music (ch# 483)
441-296-5100 ex 232


The Bermuda School of Music in conjunction with the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band are pleased to offer highland drum group lessons. This is an exciting opportunity to learn highland drumming techniques, rhythm, how to read music, and other essentials with a goal to perform with the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band on parade. Materials will be provided.

Highland drum lessons are offered for 10 week each academic term. They will be held on Tuesdays from 5:30pm – 6:30 in the Validus Room at the Bermuda School of Music, Berkeley Cultural Centre. The cost for this course is $120 per term. Please contact Shelton Bean, Annette Cook or Aidan Stones to enroll, or with any questions.


The YAO Bermuda is starting their “Spring Training" for baseball on Sunday, January 17 from 2-5pm. It will run every Sunday until their season starts Mid April. IT IS FREE!!!!!

They will also have a Baseball Scout coming to Bermuda early March to work with the boys (again NO COST!!) Les McTavish of Vauxhall Academy & Seattle Mariners has run clinics all over the world and is giving his time for free.

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Uniform Shop Hours


Thursday 21st: 8:15 am to 9:15 am

Tuesday 26th: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm