What is inside my computer?

Looking inside a computer

Hard drives and SSDs

Hard drives are peices of equipment that store all of your documents and files. It is a disc with an arm, the arm reads (a hard drive can also read information) and writes the information. An SSD is the same thing exept it does not have any moving parts and it a lot smaller. You would find a hard drive in a computer and you would find an SSD in a mobile gadget like and iphone, ipad and even light laptops like mac book airs and ultra books.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is something the reads optical discs like DVD's, CD's and blu-ray. It can also write things to all of these. Not all computers can read and write on certain discs. For instance a mac can not read or write on blu-rays.


The monitor is what you are reading this from now. It is what displays the information from the mother board (See Motherboard).


A CPU is the 'brain' of the computer. It does everything you want your computer to do for you. If the was no CPU nothing would happen at all.

Some Examples of CPU are intel and an A6 chip (what is in an iphone 5).