ENSC Family Notes

May 4, 2015

State Superintendent Ritz Visiting ENSC

On May 13, State Superintendent Ritz will be visiting to learn more about our district. I am very excited that ENSC will have an opportunity to show the great things that are happening in our district. From the way teachers and staff personalize instruction for our students, the number of opportunities that our students have to get involved in school activities, the way we promote and support post-secondary education, and our use of technology. In addition to visiting ENSC, she will also receive a brief visit to Impact Institute where they will be preparing lunch and our culinary arts students will be serving her. Our involvement with Impact is key to our continued promotion of post-secondary education preparation.

We are excited to welcome Superintendent Ritz!

Thank You Teachers

This week is the "official" Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers are extremely dedicated and committed to ensuring the ENSC students are successful! With the many challenges teachers face each day in and out of the classroom, it is easy for them to miss that appreciation. Our teachers make a positive difference with your child everyday.

ENSC teachers sacrifice their personal life daily to ensure their students have the support and resources they need. They spend their entire teaching career either planning, grading, attending school events, or just plain thinking about their students and instruction. They are a hero to our students, families, and communities.

Teaching is the toughest career in our workforce! Without their dedication to our students, our communities would be without excellent doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, sales people, restaurant servers, health care providers, and the list can go on forever! They are the backbone of our community and economic future.

They create dreams, they create hope. If you see a teacher this week, please take time to thank them for all they do for your child and for sharing their talents with the students of East Noble School Corporation.

Upcoming Middle School Meetings

Wednesday, May 13 - School Board meeting at ENMS beginning at 6 p.m. During this meeting the new proposed middle school project will be provided to the public and School Board. You are welcome to attend or watch through live streaming provided by Luke Amstutz and his Technical Communications class using a site titled Cube. Directions are below.

Thursday, May 21 - Public question and answer meeting related to the new proposed middle school project. This meeting will be held at ENHS and begin at 6:30 p.m. Again, this event will be live stream through Cube.

Directions for starting a Cube account:

1. Go to the following website:


2. Sign into the site. You may do this through your Facebook Account or by creating a Cube account as follows:

  • Type a name you would like to use.
  • Type your email address
  • Create a password.

3. Once you are signed in, you will be directed to the live video.

All Star of the Week

This Week's All Star is East Noble High School's Ryan Rowe. Ryan started his career at East Noble High School 16 years ago as a third shift custodian and also worked as a bus driver for ten years. He was promoted to Head Custodian in 2012 and currently supervises nine custodians on three shifts. He takes great pride in training his staff properly as well as training new head custodians. Ryan has the responsibility of ensuring that all 310,000 square feet of the high school is cleaned and ready for school each day. He and his staff clear snow and ice from walk path entrances as well as collecting trash and receptacles from outside facilities. He also monitors lighting, heating and cooling and is instrumental in the success of our energy program saving thousands of energy dollars at the high school. If a locker door is jammed or a staff member needs something moved, Ryan is called. He has been an integral part of East Noble High School.

Thank you Ryan for your dedication to our students and staff.

BUILDING NOTES-From our administrators.

Avilla Elementary

We would like to THANK OUR FAMILIES, STUDENTS AND STAFF for a GREAT ISTEP WEEK! All students worked very hard during the testing and we are sure the results will reflex the effort. OUR 4th graders have one more day of testing and we know the great effort will continue.

This past Friday OUR 4th grade visited Science Central for some hands-on fun! The students had a blast while attending and represented Avilla well. Thank you goes out to OUR 4th grade teachers Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Carroll, and Mrs. Amstutz for putting this trip together. We would also like to thank you for all the great things that you do all year long! Thank you to the family members that were able to attend with OUR kids as well. We could not have taken the trip without you!

This Tuesday is Muffins with Moms beginning at 7:15. We would like to thank OUR PTO for putting this together for OUR families. It is an AWESOME sight to see the cafeteria full of students and moms enjoying a quick breakfast together.

This past week several of OUR students attended the annual Kleiman Writing Contest Dinner! OUR students represented Avilla well! Thank you to the families, students, and teachers for making this a reality for OUR kids. Please take a look at the video of this evening put together by Mrs. Smith:


Recently several Avilla Elementary students attended a Tin Caps baseball game together after completing the reading program! We are all very proud of you! Please take a look at the day for OUR kids:


East Noble High School

May is unofficially the beginning of the end. It’s the time of year where we look ahead to the lazy days of summer, yet there’s a lot of action at the school. It’s a time that’s filled with celebrations. We recognized the efforts of careers and accomplishments of both staff and students. Our athletes begin to wrap up the final season of the year, and incoming freshman are eagerly looking forward to getting involved with our summer programs. Students looking to get a jump on their high school credits enroll in the extra session that is summer school. Seniors are eager to end their high school career so they can get started on their next chapter. Final plans are set for graduation and celebrations. It’s genuine time of reflection and excitement for the future.

Educators are no less influenced by the possibilities that May brings. They too are eager to close the year with a successful testing campaign that demonstrates their hard work throughout the year paid off. Despite what some may believe about educators, they are excited about the fall and about their schedules. Many are already making plans to improve their craft. Whether it’s enhancing a class they’ve taught for years, or it’s a new addition to their teaching schedule the future is exciting for teachers too.

This transitional month is filled with excitement and it’s filled with stress. The stress of deadlines, closure, and list of things still yet unaccomplished. It’s the time of the year when folks realize they are running out of time to fulfill those resolutions. Educators never receive the praise they truly deserve, and May is the month when they feel most burdened. As seniors transition and leave us, we are both happy and sad. We are proud of the accomplishments and excited for the future. We are sad to see them leave and when they go they leave us empty. Unless you’re an educator, you’ll never know how much we truly care about our kids.

East Noble Middle School

This week was ISTEP week. The students were great all week. They worked hard and everything went smoothly. The week ended with a celebration outside, giant puzzles, hula hoop races, a giant slingshot, scooter ball, and mummy wrapping the teachers in toilet paper. It was a great way to release the stress of a week of testing and everyone is ready to get back into our regular routine. 7th grade is working on a vacation project. Finding out how much a vacation on a cruise would cost. 7th grade language Arts students will be researching someone they admire.

North Side Elementary

The week at North Side revolved around ISTEP+. Students worked every day this week on their end of year assessments. The staff was very proud of the effort put forth by all students. Testing continues next week. Primary students also worked on completing end of year mClass assessments. The staff at North Side is committed to providing the best instruction possible and the data gleaned from these and other assessments are critical in that process.

Next week begins with Star Wars day and is also Teacher Appreciation week. It is sure to be a festive week of school!

Rome City Elementary

This past Thursday, our kindergarteners, second and fourth graders performed to a packed-audience for our spring music program. The kindergarten and 2nd grade sang songs about animals and having good character. The 4th graders concluded the performance with a recorder recital featuring classical, jazz and rock music. Thank you to Mr. Michael Cary for putting this wonderful program together!

Our first graders planted a tree on Earth Day as a way to give back to the earth! They are in the middle of their planting unit so this tied in perfectly! Each student took a turn with their shovel to help fill the hole! After they planted the tree they wrote a letter to our senator explaining what they did to help the earth in the small town of Rome City, Indiana.

Gracie Gallup and Nate Terry had fun becoming reporters while using the Telestory app. They took various scenes from the book The Sea of Monsters and created a script to report the important events. They also acted out an interview with the Goddess Hera to portray how annoyed she was with Zeus for losing his lightning bolt. Who knows, maybe one day Gracie and Nate might become actual reporters!

Attached is a QR code and link directly to the video: http://goo.gl/s5A75R

South Side Elementary

This week’s update comes from 6th grade: As our 6th graders look forward to summer vacation and the thoughts transitioning from South Side Elementary to the East Noble Middle School, there lies a challenge: focusing on the here and now and looking ahead at goals for college and career readiness. As the getting-closer-to-being-7th graders wrap up their final year of elementary school, we have a lot going on! Our Class of 2025 (that is our anticipated college graduation year) took a field trip to Western Michigan University before spring break. Many met up with their Bronco Buddy Pen Pals from the Lee Honors College, and we all toured the campus. They got a taste of college life (literally) by eating lunch in an actual college dormitory! They are now looking forward to a day trip to IPFW to compare and contrast the two universities.

In preparation for future careers, our nearly 7th grade students are gearing up for a trip to JA BizTown! They are excited and ready to learn about operating a business as a team and being an important part of a community.

As for the here and now, our almost-7th graders are completing ISTEP tests daily and focusing on specific accomplishments that they make each week. Every Friday, students add a card to our “Knowledge is Power!” board to share an educational task for which they feel pride from the week. This is helping students stay focused on their education even as the school year comes to a close. We wish our students well as they finish their final year with us and move on to East Noble Middle School!

Wayne Center Elementary

The first grade classes finished their study of habitats. They were so excited to create their favorite habitat diorama with the help of Mrs. Munk from the Kendallville Library. She brought in many different craft items that the students could use to create and design rainforests, deserts, oceans, forests, and even the arctic. The students took pictures of their completed dioramas and will share in a class presentation using Shadow Puppet on their iPads. The first grade students also began their study of plants. They planted flower and grass seeds in cups and placed them on the classroom window sill. The students will use observation booklets to record and sketch their plant growth while learning what plants need to survive and how important they are to our food chain. It’s been an exciting time of hands-on learning in first grade!

Our No Excuses assembly for the month of April was held this week and featured Dr. Phil Corbin. Dr. Corbin spoke to the students about what classes and schooling is needed to become a doctor. There were several fifth grade students that were chosen to participate in Dr. Corbin’s presentation. As a school we also reviewed the pillar of respect by singing a Wayne Center version of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Junior Achievement visits our second grade classrooms each week. The students have been learning about communities and the goods/services within the community. We appreciate the Junior Achievement volunteers for sharing their expertise with our students.

Second graders are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our butterflies. They have been watching and studying them grow and change from caterpillars to a chrysalis. Next step….our Painted Ladies!