Willow Parent Bulletin #18

January 7, 2022

Welcome back-ish!

Happy New Year!

What a year we just closed out! Covid continues to wreak havoc on everything, people stormed the Capitol, we got a new President, left Afghanistan, triumphed in the Olympics, saw justice for George Floyd, and survived hurricanes and Britney. Yep- pat yourself on the back, you did it!

2022 didn't quite start as we'd hoped as the adaptive pause became necessary. We plan on seeing your wildcats back on Monday. Thanks to all of you for taking over teaching duties these last 3 days. The staff was still busy as could be prepping and collaborating with each other. Each of our grade level teams minimally has 9 classroom teachers, a Math Interventionist and a Reading Center teacher. That's a lot of great brains and ideas working together to craft the best education for your wildcat.

First and Second graders will come back and soon take the STAR test. STAR is a computer-adaptive test that helps teachers accurately assess students’ abilities. This is one of several pieces of data we use to make sure our students are showing growth. As always, it's important that your wildcat gets good sleep. According to WebMD, that would be:

3-6 Years Old: 10 - 12 hours per day

7-12 Years Old: 10 - 11 hours per day

Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast have higher test scores, retain information better and tend to have more focus than those who do not. (See the link below for a PDF from the source of this info). The reason for this is our brain requires food for fuel, just as our muscles do. While our muscles can use stored energy from food we ate yesterday, our brain prefers energy from food we have eaten recently. When there is not adequate glucose, or blood sugar, for the brain to use as fuel, we don't concentrate as well or feel as alert. Eating breakfast ensures that blood sugar levels return to normal after the long time without eating while you were asleep. This is why you often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The bottom line is that breakfast breaks the fast, waking up our bodies and brains to let them know it's time to get going. Even though mornings can be rushed, set your child up for success by making sure they start the day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. (www.childrens.com)

The second part of the Bullying presentations from our Counselor and Social Worker will also be coming up soon. their presentations are based on Second Steps' Bullying program. To learn more: https://www.secondstep.org/bullying-prevention

Please be sure your student is dressed for the weather. If you are missing a lighter weight jacket, it might be in our lost and found. It's full of lost items just waiting for you to claim.

If you're going to stop in and take a gander, remember you need your drivers' license and your proof of vaccination to enter the building.

Whoa- please slow that morning roll on Willow Road

The ice and snow are finally here. Please slow down as you approach the drop off/pick up areas. Our maintenance crew is great at plowing and salting, but with this wonky weather there are still some slick spots. Please continue with the traffic guidelines from last year:

  • No double parking
  • No U-turns
  • No parking where the signs indicate it's a no parking zone
  • Cross with the crossing guards
  • Choose appropriate language when expressing your opinions/frustration
  • Always be safety minded

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe!

Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service

HSD153 has established the first, annual, day of service on Monday, January 17th. Each of the schools has a different organization to support. Willow has partnered with the South Suburban Animal Shelter. Please see the flyer below regarding items for which they are in need. Drop off is that Monday, the 17th, at James Hart. If you have a donation, but are unable to drop off that day, please contact the Willow Office to make other arrangements. Our wildcats might be small, but we are mighty when it comes to helping others!
Big picture

Book Blurb: "Mia Mayhem Learns to Fly!"

Mia Mayhem Learns to Fly! written by Kara West is the second in the Mia Mayhem series we have at the Willow Library. Mia is a young superhero in training who finds out her superpower is flying. This chapter book is the story of how she learns to fly and the adventures she has while using her superpower. As her name suggests Mia Mayhem, it always seems something outrageous is going on. This story as well as many of the other titles in the series are available for check out at the Homewood Public Library.

You Matter 2

You Matter 2 is an organization founded by Destiny Watson, from HF. You Matter 2 ( https://www.youmatter2.org/ ) is organizing the first Homewood-Flossmoor Juneteenth Royal Court contest for the 2022 HF Juneteenth Festival. The royal court contest is open to students in K-12th grade, giving them the opportunity to gain education, experience, and exposure. Students will set goals, be a part of a brother/sisterhood, and will play a part in uniting the community. They will have the chance to win monetary awards and prizes and to be crowned the first Mr. and Miss HF Juneteenth.

Applications are open until Friday, January 14th at www.youmatter2.org/juneteenthroyalcourt.


Jan 10-14: STAR testing

Jan 17: NO SCHOOL- MLK Day of Service (see above)

Feb 1: EARLY RELEASE at 11:40AM

Feb 1: Black History Month begins

Feb 14: Valentine's parties 9-10AM

Feb. 21: NO SCHOOL- Presidents' Day

Feb 25: End of Trimester 2

Mar 1: Women's History Month begins

Mar 7: NO SCHOOL- Teacher Institute Day

Mar 13: change your clocks

Mar 28- April 1: SPRING BREAK