Levels of Performance

Sophie Ward


In this task I will be explaining the purpose of, and the resources required for analysis for two different levels of sports performance. There are 4 different levels of sports performance which are: Foundation, Performance, Participation and Elite. The two I have chosen to explain are Foundation and Elite.


Time, Facilities, Human and Fiscal

The difference between the resources needed for foundation and elite level are different as there is not a lot of analysis done within the foundation level and therefore not a lot of resources needed.

Time- the time needed to analyse the performance at elite level is going to be a lot more than at foundation. When analysing an athletes performance that is at elite level, the coach may want their athlete to be videoed as they take part in their sport; if for example the athlete was a footballer, they would need to record a match which lasts for 90 minutes and then analyse the whole match afterwards which could take up to a few hours. The analysis at foundation level is minimum and would just be the coach or teacher watching the child as they play or take part in the sport with means the amount of time take could range from a few minutes to 90 minutes (football match).

Facilities- the facilities needed at foundation level to analyse someone's performance would be where ever the performer is training or maybe even in a PE lesson- either a field, a sports hall or astro turf would be the only facilities needed to analyse performance at this level. In comparison, facilities at elite level can vary from astro turf/a football stadium to a science laboratory. For example at foundation level to analyse someone's cardiovascular endurance they would perform the multi-stage fitness test which would take place in a sports hall or gymnasium where as at elite level an athlete would take part in the Vo2 max protocol.

Human- the only people needed to analyse performance at foundation level would be the coach or teacher as not a lot of analysis takes place at this level. An example would be a teacher or parent watching their child as they take part in a sports day or sporting event at school. Where as at elite level, there would be lots of background people such as in football at elite level: a physiotherapist, a manager, a coach, a goal keeping coach, an attacking coach and a defending coach etc. An example of this would be a psychologist working with a footballer on taking penalties without getting nervous. They would teach the footballer to self talk before taking a penalty and stop any types of nerves or anxiety taking over when taking the penalty and hopefully preventing the footballer to miss.

Fiscal- not a great deal of money will be spent on analysing performance at foundation level. Schools may get coaches to come coach their students but will not charge the students any fees. Schools would not pay for facilities either as they would be within school grounds. Elite level will spend a lot more money on analysing performance as they will be spending money on facilities such as science labs, equipment such as timing gates and back room staff such as physiotheorists. This means that the analysis at this level will be in greater detail than any other level.